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Jan 27, 2007 10:42 AM

Chilean Restaurant in DC area

We're blessed with several Central and South American restaurants in the area, but I don't recall seeing any Chilean ones. Are there any? Or at least some place of whatever persuasion that serves pastel de choclo, a corn casserole?


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  1. The only place I know of that's Chilean is Julia's Empanadas, which has turned into a mini-chain, but I don't think they serve pastel de choclo. If you can track down Julia herself she might know something. Try the embassy.

    1. Try La Quisquella in rockville. It is Awesome! The prices are really good and you can always chat about all things chilean with the staff. 15209 N. Frederick rd.

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        La Quisquella...

        Capatinbakesly, please tell us more about this place. It took over a spot that used to be a fairly miserable sub shop?

        What's on the menu? I remember years ago, a place in Wheaton on Ennals Avenue that used to make killer Chilean sandwiches - great bread!

        Does La Quisquella do sandwiches, as well as meals?

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          I have a scanned copy of the menu I can send you. Give me your email. The place is very new. And yes they do have chilean sandwiches. They are so good. The best part is the bread which they get daily. Coronas for $3 at happy hour aint to bad either.

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            You can attach a photo directly in here - so you can share with us all.

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              Could you attach an image of the scanned menu here? Or maybe give us a phone number or email address for the restaurant, so we can contact them?

              Anybody here has tried it yet? Is it really Chilean? Do they have Pastel de Choclo? How about the wine and drinks?

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            Do you know the phone number to La Quisquella? Because I want to go, but im not sure when its open and i want to make sure they have all their food in stock. Thanks.

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              Now, if anybody has a menu/knows if it is still there...

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                La Quisquella is still there... The sandwiches are good and the "completos" are huge... My 7 year old son loves their completos.

                There is another restauran serving Chilean food... I believe is called Margaritas Grill in Fairmont and Old Georgetown Rd in Bethesda... we tried there empanadas and are great! I think La Quisquella has a better pastel de Choclo... I will try to stop by this week and take a few pictures for you all at la Quisquella.

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                  I had plans to stop there tomorrow for lunch, but hearsay from my co-worker tells me that they are closed down when her friends stopped in on Sat.

                  Anybody know when there were last there - I'm hoping they were just out of town from New Years.

          3. La Quisquella has odd hours, so I'm faily sure they're not shut down. I don't have the menu on hand. They carry Santa Rita wine and are open really late on the weekends from what I remember. I believe they are closed on Mondays or Tuesdays. My sister-in-law is Chilean and loved the food. The owners are really nice and made us a large order of fresh empanadas while we waited. They have good shakes too.