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Jan 27, 2007 10:15 AM

Restaurant Week in Philly... So Who's going where?

Okay, it starts tomorrow and - though I've been away from the Board for a few weeks - I did a quick search and don't see any comments on who's going where.

We are splurging this time with FIVE places.


Looking forward to it. All the menus looked broad except Lacroix which has only 2 choices for first course (one is a salad, other is tuna tartare) and two for 2nd course (chicken squares or gnocchi with mussels). Surprised me but we'll see.

Okay, I started the thread. Send reports. And lets see what discoveries folks find. (I hope there isn't a thread already.. I couldn't find one.)

Bon Apetit

Steve R

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  1. Hi Steve--looks like a great lineup! We were way late in checking the site and ended up with Zanzibar Blue, not that we're complaining--we like this place a lot. Only have time for one this year, tho. Looking forward to hearing your reactions to your choices!

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    1. re: Elaine

      Well. We decided to cancel Lacroix after seeing the menu options. We booked over 2 months ago. Since we don't eat fish carpaccio or mussels that meant both of us would have a salad (interesting but still a salad) and "Chicken Squares in a Morrocan sauce. Plus dessert. Seemed not very interesting and at $37.50/per per before beverage, we would do better at brunch there for $20 more. We already have a group going to brunch
      there in March.

      I did email the restaurant to see if they could adjust menu even slightly from the two choices. I received a prompt and informative reply that the checf couldn't.

      BTW, if you go to Lacroix's web site you will not see any mention of Chef Lacroix's retirement and the arrival of new Chef Benjamin Levin (I reason we wanted to "test the waters" this week. I did point that out in my email. Some folks - especially out of towners - might be surprised!

      As for Zanzibar, make sure your timing is such that you don't dine into a musical performance. They often add cover charges then. Two years ago a good friend whose a great musican had his agent book him into Zanzibar Blue for a gig. But the gig turned out to be during Restaurant Week and, not only could local fans get to hear him (unless they made DINNER reservations), the regular customers talked through his whole sets as they were there for "REstaurant Week", not "Music Week" as one patron said. ;-(

      Steve R

      1. re: SteveR


        FYI: Lacroix's new chef is Matthew Levin (not Benjamin) and he is even more highly acclaimed than Jean Marie Lacroix. In fact, Craig Laban boosted Lacroix's rated from three to four bells under Levin's watch. So those who don't already know would likely be pleasantly surprised.

    2. I am gong to Philadelphia Seafood and Company and Dolce. My last two RW experiences were not so great so I am looking to bounce back. Wish me luck.

      1. This year Restaurant Week coincides with the remodeling of our kitchen so we're going every night! Our lineup is as follows:

        Sunday: Sole Food
        Monday: Prime Rib
        Tuesday: Cuba Libre
        Wednesday: Jake's
        Thursday: Estia
        Friday: La Fontanna della Citta

        We didn't check the menus.

        1. All seem to have at least 3 - and many cases like Estia - many more choices for each course. So I think you'll be okay. Long lists at all our other restaurahts except Lacroix. (ssems Tuna Tartare is big this time. It's on Sole Food's menu also.)

          Will await everyone's reports.

          Steve R

          1. everyone's lineups look great. i did estia for last restaurant week and i don't think you all will be disappointed. everything was perfectly cooked last time, and unexpectedly massive portions.

            i'm doing twenty manning tomorrow and oceanaire on wednesday. looking forward to it!