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Jan 27, 2007 09:46 AM

Best dinner in North America?

I was given dinner for 2 at any restaurant in North America as a Christmas gift. This is pretty much the best gift ever, and I don't want to make a selection lightly. So I'm looking for votes for the most sublime eating experience people have had in North America. While a good destination is preferable, it is not critical.

As for destinations, I'm looking for restaurants that are *not* in New York City, Washington, DC, or Chicago. I live in or frequently visit these places so don't want to use the gift on places I would go anyway.

My first thought was French Laundry, where I've never been. I loved Per Se but am not sure whether there would be too much overlap in the experiences. I've also heard fabulous things about Hastings House on Salt Spring Island near Vancouver.

Please, don't let me make a mistake. Tell me about the meals that made your heart sing.


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  1. Don't overlook Au Pied de Cochon in Montreal.

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      We had lunch at Greystone , a CIA restaurant, in the Napa Valley. The food was perfection, service perfect, we ate for 3 hours. It was a wonderful experience. We were treated like kings, the waitstaff explained any and everything we questioned. The taste of the food is still in my head a year later. We had an unlimited budget that day and the four of us tried about everything they offer. It was not just great food, it was a very special experience. We also were seated in the area to watch the chefs cook. That was a bonus feature. We are saving up to go back.

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        Out of curiosity.... does it have any relationship to the Parisian restaurant with a branch in Mexico City?

      2. I'm jealous! What a wonderful gift.

        This is what I'd recommend: The Herbfarm, in Woodinville, WA, on the Olypic Peninsula. Nine course dinners, six wines, one seating per ARE the show, and the experience has no equal elsewhere, as far as I know.

        Google Herbfarm and look at their website.

        What a happy problem to solve....

        1. Woodinville is on the Olympic Peninsula??

          Since when?

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            since never....east coast type getting the location inexact, forgive me.

            location northeast of seattle, actually....

            thanks for the correction taco belle.

          2. Sooke Harbour House, near Victoria, BC, Canada. Or, if you want to try the other coast - Tara in Upper Black Eddy, NJ. You won't even find a web site for the latter - they don't need one! One of the best meals I've ever had.

            1. Thanks so much for the recommendations.

              I haven't heard of Sooke Harbour House or Tara. Can you tell me a bit more about Tara or direct me to a useful review or description so I can get a better sense of the place?