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Jan 27, 2007 09:23 AM

Bagels in Queens

We live in Jackson Heights and are extremely disappointed by the bagels over here! There's one place on 37th Avenue in the mid 80's, but the bagels ain't right. We'd be willing to travel to Woodside, Sunnyside, Astoria, Forest Hills... for a good one. Any leads?

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  1. i like the bagels at bagel house at 8918 northern blvd. i think they're really good. great, actually. i think we're lucky to have such a good bagel place in the hood. what don't you like about them?

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    1. re: joekarten

      I think those are the best in Jackson Heights, but people who don't have cars and don't live nearby don't know about it. The other good place I've tried is on Ditmars in Astoria, but I don't remember the name or exact location. I agree that the place on 37th and 85th has fake bagels. There's another on the north side of Northern, lower down in the 80s, that has also has fake bagels.

    2. Brooklyn Bagels in Astoria on Broadway around 34th St is Very Good. I use Bagels for breakfast - toasted with cream cheese & jam. The one's from the MET on 37th & 75th at 4 for a $1 are just fine. The absolute worst bagel I ever had is at Dunkin Donuts on 37th Ave and it's expensive. The MET 25 cent Bagel is just fine. Don't need to travel.
      Also, what is a FAKE BAGEL? I've never heard of a Fake Bagel.

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      1. re: Mike V

        I say "fake" when they are just rolls in the shape of bagels and have obviously not been boiled. i consider them impostors.

        I agree that the Met bagels are not bad, but they're no substitute for really fresh-out-of-the-oven bagels. I was only talking about bagel shops.

        1. re: Mike V

          I'll give another vote for Brooklyn Bagels on Broadway & there's another one on Ditmars and 35th. It gets really crowded mornings, but their bagels are the best, huge, fresh and thoroughly coated in toppings.

        2. The venerable Utopia Bagels on Utopia and 19th Ave is the best, boiled the old fashioned way and the same baker's been making them for some twenty plus years.

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          1. re: byrd

            you're right, Utopia is the best--been hitting them up recently..and everything has been top notch...tried everything else in Queens, and Utopia is head and shoulders above them all.

          2. there's a few places in jamaica estates that are pretty good, though it's a bit of a drive or subway ride then bus ride.

            bagels & co on union turnpike & 188th st (reachable by the Q17 bus) is my favorite.

            oasis bagels on lie east service road & utopia parkway (reachable by Q17, Q88, Q30/31 buses) is also a popular place.

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            1. re: Linda

              oasis bagels used to be better than utopia, but when they changed ownership a while back they stopped boiling. ratings:
              utopia 9.5
              b&c 7+
              oasis 6+

              1. re: byrd

                That's a shame. They were so good before. Used to stop there on my way to/from Nassau Co. Wonder why a place that once made excellent real bagels would stop doing so? Why wouldn't the new owners keep the old method that brought them such a good reputation and so much business?

                1. re: Woodside Al

                  We had some good salt sticks from the Oasis last weekend. I'm going to have to try out some of these other places and compare.

            2. good to know about oasis - honestly, i haven't been there in years b/c i prefer bagels & co (and it's closer to me).

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              1. re: Linda

                Yes, I've been disappointed in Oasis lately. Try Slim's, 2 locations, Horace Harding off Springfield in Bayside and Horage Harding off Little Neck Parkway in Douglaston.
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