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Jan 27, 2007 09:08 AM

Jackson Heights - Tonight - Cheap and WOW

Hi -- Heaed to Jackson Heights off the 7 train somewhere between 60 - 80's and looking for a cheap WOW me place. Open to any cuisine. Any ideas?

Thanks in advance.

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  1. burmese cafe -- roosevelt and 72nd -- will definitely wow you, particularly if you steer totally clear of things that sound familiar. the tea leaf salad is incredible, as is the duck soup. there's a dish of greens -- which is one of a few dishes on the menu not to have an english translation. i believe the lovely waitress called it "roselle" -- at once floral and spicy. the fritters -- gourd and the like -- aren't out of the ordinary, but sure are comforting and clean-tasting for fried food.

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    1. re: david sprague

      If you look at the Burmese writing for that dish, you will see (and the waiter confirmed it) that that dish is listed elsewhere with a translation.

    2. The noodles are very good. As good as any you get@ the fairs in the summer and as good as I had in Yangon. Roselle is Hibiscus, it's also sold dried to be eaten like a candy.

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      1. re: MOREKASHA

        Which noodles in particular have you had and recommend? I had the fried egg noodles off the Chinese Food part of the menu and they weren't particularly exciting. It was like an average lo mein. I was hoping they had the rice noodles with peanuts and egg on top (a bit like pad thai), but that wasn't it. (Great picture btw)

      2. Yes Burmese Cafe is great, but if for some reason you'd prefer Thai or Mexican or Filipino or Cuban or even Colombian, there are many good places to wow you.

        1. Sorry to be posting after you've gone. Where did you go?

          Some good places: Dosa Diner on 73rd St. between 37th Ave. and 35th Ave. (right off the main drag) and Arunee Thai on 79th St. (I think) just off Roosevelt (between Roosevelt and 37th Ave) are the best restaurants I have tried in the neighborhood. Jackson Diner is probably still the best full-dinner Indian but it's awfully expensive if you're fewer than four people (you need to share the big, expensive dishes) and it's not particularly exciting. The weekend buffet lunch will not disgust you. Afghan Kebab House on 37th Ave. is not bad. The freshest and best condensed milk sweets can be found at Kebab King, a 24-hour Pakistani restaurant and take-out joint on the corner of 73rd Ave. and 73rd Road near Roosevelt (by the Bollywood movie theater) favored by a lot of taxi drivers. As a matter of fact, the cooking at Kebab King is outstanding; my only complaint is that like most of the restaurants in the neighborhood they use the lowest-quality meat possible. Still, you can get takeout vegetable curry, roti, and a piece of bbq chicken for $7 and it's enough for two meals.

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          1. re: KateC.

            I'm sorry, but neither of the places you mentioned qualify for an out-of-way schlep on subway, IMO. Certainly lack the WOW factor.
            Wholeheartedly agree about the Burmese Cafe though.