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Jan 27, 2007 08:35 AM

Bars/Lounge in Long Island city

Is there something close to Malagueta (36th ave and 28th st), which I guess in technically LIC but could be in Astoria. Looking for nice bar/lounge.

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  1. Afraid not! I live right there--the best you'll do for that kind of vibe is probably Cafe Bar up on 34th Avenue and maybe 34th Street and it ain't no great shakes, though perfectly pleasant.

    1. The definition of "nice" varies a lot by user, but if a lounge vibe for you is satisifed by couches, downtempo/electronic music and relatively dim lighting with a reddish tint (not to mention the word "lounge" in the name of the establishment), you might try:

      Crescent Lounge. 32-05 Crescent St (near Broadway)

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        Depends on what you are looking for. If you like a lively atmosphere with a friendly crowd try The Irish Rover at 38street and 28th ave, or Gibney's at Broadway and 32street

      2. Ended up going to Crescent lounge. Nice enough place, but even better was Malagueta which continues to amaze me.....