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Best Steak in Vegas

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What are some of the better places for steaks in Vegas?

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  1. N9NE at the Palms is perhaps my favorite steak in Vegas. Which is saying a lot, as there are quite a few excellent steakhouses, and I have tried many of them! PRIME at The Bellagio is also terrific and, if you want a less fancy venue than those two, MON AMI GABI at Paris is quite good. Those are my three current picks for best steak. CHARLIE PALMER STEAKHOUSE at Mandalay Bay is very good, just be warned it is very expensive. I have not been to the new Michael Mina steakhouse at Mandalay Bay.

    If you go to N9NE, do not miss the popcorn shrimp appetizer. They are incredible and come with a couple of terrific dipping sauces. One of the best side dishes there is of all things the Creamed Corn. Wow. That stuff is good.

    At PRIME, be sure to get a side of the Potatoes Daphnois, easily the best potato side dish I have ever tried.

    At MON AMI GABI, the goat cheese appetizer that comes in a crock with a red sauce that you dip bread into is also just great.

    1. Stayed at the Four Seasons so tried Charlie Palmer Steak as it was in the hotel... wasn't impressed, and as stated, prices are a rip. Had a killer steak at Delmonico Steak House at the Venetion... they have prob the best wine list in town as well. Not cheap by any means either.

      1. Emeril's Delmonico Steakhouse at the Venetian was excellent, Prime at Bellagio was as well. Those two are some of the hardest reservations to get in Vegas...very popular and very good. I liked the steak at Prime a bit better, but the sides at Delmonico were better. Prime has some of the best ambience you'll see in a restaurant, very elegant, and the view of the fountains! The terrace outside for dessert and coffee was breathtaking!

        To be honest, I loved the steak I had at Fiamma at MGM. It's a chic 'modern Italian' restaurant, but that steak was sooooooo good! Most places broil their steak with a little salt and pepper, Fiamma's bone in ribeye had this wonderful mushroom-wine sauce. Man, that was good steak! http://www.mgmgrand.com/dining/fiamma...

        I'm itching to try the recently opened Stripsteak, at Mandalay. It's Michael Mina's first steakhouse-I've been to two of his Vegas restaurants and am a big fan of his food. I've heard a lot of good things. People seem to like the steak a lot and the sides. They have a wide variety, more than most steak places, and a good amount of seafood available as well. I am without a doubt going to Stripsteak on my next trip to Vegas.

        1. Craftsteak is, hands down, my favorite steak in the city and actually it's my favorite day-to-day restaurant period. They've recently gone to using strictly grain-fed beef and cut out the grass-fed ( there are one or two exceptions ), which was a great move. The steaks are always served with a thyme jus and a glazed shallot or two which is really nice. The menu is pretty loaded and you would be hard pressed to NOT find and appetizer or side dish to try. The kobe tartare app is fantastic and a great bargain at $22. It's very simplistic without a lot of extra ingredients mixed in ( shallot, caper, etc. ) so the flavor of the beef really shines through. Served with a raw cracked quail egg over top and some garlic crostini -- really tasty. The foie gras is exceptional and, IMO, the best in town as well. Served with the pan jus and roasted fruit-du-jour.

          I see Delmonico and Prime get such great reviews and to be honest I think they are really overrated. I almost think that the fact that they are such hard reservations to get ( which they usually are ) automatically makes people believe that they are great restaurants. That's not always the case, especially in Vegas. You have to remember that a lot of money and a lot of egos roll through Las Vegas on a daily basis. Being able to eat at a restaurant that has a reputation of being hard to get into is sometimes more about the ego trip than the food. Then again, what do I know?

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            Thanks to all for the prompt replies. I am a big fan of Tom Colicchio's NY restaurants and was a little surprised that Craftsteak has had such mixed reviews on the message boards. My wife wants to try SW but I heard they've had a recent chef departure. Does anyone have any recent exprience there?

          2. Maybe or maybe not the best steak in town but certainly great value is the Steakhouse at Circus Circus. They really do dry age them right there, and they grill them over real, and really hot, charcoal right in front of your eyes, and those old grill guys look like they've been doing it for 40 years and know their business. Not fancy. Ignore the hotel as you walk to the Steakhouse.

            1. I agree about Steakhouse at Circus Circus. It's not uber-chic like some of these others, but you get a great steak in a classic Vegas atmosphere. Also with considering, Smith and Wollensky.

              1. In Vegas ...headed to Craftsteak tonight....can't wait for the foie gras appetizer...Which is the best steak to share...and what sides does everyone recommend?

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                  Hoped you enjoyed it! I would've chimed in with the NY Strip if I had read this earlier. The sides changes rather frequently, so it's hard to make a suggestion since it might not be on the menu ( ... but the sweet potato puree is killer. )

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                    Did dine @ Craftsteak last evening....

                    Had the Proscioutto, foie gras and fennel salad as starters...all wonderful. I wish I didn't have to share the foie gras...it was heaven!
                    For dinner we shared the Ribeye...which was flavorful, juicy, it melted in my mouth.
                    As for sides we had spinach, the garlic au gratin and a medley of the 3 mushroom sides that were offered on the menu.....
                    It was again, a fabulous meal......by far the best steakhouse in Vegas. Service was spot on.....and everything was cooked to perfection.
                    For dessert we headed to Fiammia for the warm mini 'donughts' w/ the almond, chocolate, and caramel dipping sauces......

                    I don't know how I will top that meal....

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                      "by far the best steakhouse in Vegas"

                      You're preachin' to the choir. Heh.

                2. Check out John Curtas' review of the best steak houses in Las Vegas. It's a four minute podcast, available at http://www.knpr.org/foodforthought/de... .

                  1. SW Steakhouse is fabulous. i highly recommend it.

                    1. BEST Steak UNDER $20 is the Rib Eye at "The Peppermill" Right next to The Rivera Casino Served with soup or salad and Baked potato, Comes with a tray of Mushrooms in a Butter/wine sauce

                      1. If you want real a real old school steak house that is not on the strip try Bob Taylor's Ranch House. It's w-a-y off the strip, but historically catered to the celebs in the 50's. I guess it was a place for them to get away from the riff raff.

                        You also can't go wrong with the Golden Steer, just off the strip.

                        Does anyone else know of other off-strip old school steak houses?