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Jan 27, 2007 07:34 AM

where to buy pomellos in NYC area?

Any recommendations in Manhattan or Queens? thanks!

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  1. or pommelo. There are a lot of places that sell these in chinatown. They are pricey, 2.50 + each, and huge but very available around east broadway, and around grand av at the produce markets.

    1. Sometimes Whole Foods in Chelsea has them.

      1. Your best bet is to get a Pummelo in Chinatown. MANY greengrocers down there have them. Yes, they are pricey, but they are gigantic, and I believe in season now, so they'll be good. Here's how to get your money's worth - Pick up the fruit. Does it feel "heavy" for its size? Yes? Good! It'll be juicy. I'd avoid buying them at Whole Foods or Gourmet Garage. They want too much money for them. And don't forget to cut the fruit completely from its skin - even the skin that divides the sections - otherwise it'll taste bitter. Hope that helps!

        1. You can sometimes find them at Garden of Eden on 14th St, off 5th ave.

          1. thank you all! two quick follow-up questions--any suggestions on the best preparation or a dish to use them in? I've got ideas already but would appreciate it if you have any thoughts on this. We plan also to have a citrus tasting looking at near-neighbors/predecessors to the grapefruit and to varieties of grapefruit.