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Sushi Nanase White Plains

We enjoyed a wonderful omakase at Sushi Nanase last night. Dinner started with a poached daikon radish with miso. Next course was a variety of pickled and jellied "stuff", including mushrooms, a chestnut, and some other unremarkable but pleasant tastings. Next were four slivers of sublime raw scallop, served on a bed of shaved ice, topped with shaved truffle, sea salt and citrus juice. Next course were three tiny but delicious kumomoto oysters, again served on a bed of shaved ice, and topped with a wonderful spicy mignonette. Following was a slice of very good broiled black cod, with a wonderful crisped skin. Then came the showstopper--an assortment of as good, if not the best, sushi I've ever had. There were two types of tuna, salmon, hamachi, fluke, sweet shrimp and eel. Each fish held a small garnish, such as fish roe, gold leaf, scallions or seaweed. The wasabi was homemade and quite potent. The soy sauce, also homemade, was much less salty than commercial soy sauce, with a slight pleasant sweetness. Finally, we were served a dish of pear and ginger sorbet and mango sorbet. Although we very much enjoyed the omakase, I would just have sushi on a return visit. And just a caveat...Mr. Marge generally favors a large pasta and meat meal, and although he loved the food, he was, shall I say, still a tad hungry when we left. We will definitely return however, for by far the best sushi in Westchester.

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  1. Thanks, marge--I'm saving my pennies as we speak. I love the idea of home-brewed soy sauce--commercial brands are so overpowering on delicate fish. I tend to skip it altogether.

    1. Nice review Marge. What was the cost? Were the food amounts small?

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        The omakase is $85 per person, and except for the sushi, the portions were pretty small. It was a treat, but I would stick with just sushi next time. There is a minimum of $30 per person, however, the chef's assorted platter for $45 looked pretty substantial. We also had a couple sakes, of which they have an interesting assortment at $8 per.

      2. Thanks, Marge. Good to know.

        1. where in White Plains is it? Would love to try.

          1. Quick question for dolores and/or anyone else that's been to Sushi Nanase...

            Did you have a reservation?

            After many tries and getting nothing but the answering machine, I left a message requesting a reservation but they didn't call back for three days! I couldn't wait so I made other plans.

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              They will not seat you without a reservation. Try calling about 5 PM. Also, they are closed on Wednesdays.

            2. pabboy, I only tried to go on a Saturday at lunchtime and they were closed -- I didn't know they served dinner only. I haven't been back to try them yet.

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                yeah, i think on their website they say they serve lunch, but that is a lie! :) when i went back in september for lunch, i was crushed because the sign on the door "temporarily serving dinner only" or something to that effect.

                but, yes, i agree with marge--call right at the beginning of dinnertime.

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                  They are open for lunch. I overheard the couple next to us ask the hostess.

                  I had the omakase at Sushi Nanase last night for a delayed Valentine's dinner. We started with the monkfish liver in ponzu sauce. Then came a long platter of appetitzers including steamed faba beans, plum jello, sweet shrimp, rice cake, and one other item I can't recall. Next was sea scallops with sea salt and white truffle followed by thin slices of fluke drizzled with oil, salt and chives. Then came the ubiquitous miso cod which was, dare I say, better than Nobu's. A sushi platter came next which had otoro topped with caviar and gold leaf, hamachi, marinated tuna, fluke, salmon, sweet shrimp, sea eel. Each piece was crafted nice and small. The evening was topped off with pear ginger sorbet.

                  It was very enjoyable and I would certainly go back. I would not rate it above any of the top sushi places in the city. I've had more transending omakase experiences at Morimoto in Philly and NYC. I've had better sushi at Blue Ribbon and Sushi Yasuda. But I like the ambiance of Nanase. It's almost like a serene kaiseki place. Makoto in DC comes to mind. I'm just glad to have a place like this in Westchester. $85 is actually a pretty good value all things considered.

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                    glad you enjoyed nanase--hopefully it will be a place that is a similar/almost-as-good substitute to the manhattan sushi places, without the drive/train ride :)

              2. It's next to the Daido Supermarket at the corner of Bloomingdale Rd and Mamaroneck Ave.

                1. so glad to hear such good things - we have been dying to get there but always seem to end up somewhere else - now I MUST go and gorge myself!

                  1. love sushi nanase - worth the effort and expence. make sure you get a reservation - walk ins are turned away even if there are plenty of open tables.

                    1. do they serve non sushi items, such as chix teriyaki, for my non-sushi eating lady???

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                        No chicken teriyaki there. I can't remember if there are any non-sushi items on the menu besides a few cooked appetizers. It's definitely not the place to go with a non-sushi eater.

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                          There are non-sushi items on the menu, at least in the appetizer section. I can recall an outstanding cod in miso sauce and something with crab.

                          Also, I don't think they are open for lunch any more.