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Jan 27, 2007 07:12 AM

Burrito Vs. The TSA: The showdown...

Thanks once again everyone who responded to my original post!!

I admit, I originally posted this question in part just to see what kinda responses I would get. I certainly NEVER expected to get a real answer from a TSA employee!!! Well, I’m back from my trip and as you read this follow up, I have to make CLEAR, it was never, EVER, my intention for this to be any sorta “test” or statement towards TSA or our national security. I’m truly just that scatter brained… And so, here’s what happened.

After reading all the posts I decided that I would indeed get my burrito. I picked up a asada con todo from Los Primos Taco Trailer on Jefferson near La Brea, let it cool, took off the foil and re-wrapped it in wax paper (I liked that idea because I could tear it away as I ate). I put it in the standard issue 1 quart ziplock baggy and then labled it as “Dommy’s Burrito”. I tossed it into the fridge and went to bed

And so, early in the next morning, I arrived to the TSA screening area at Delta terminal #5. I put my bag on the belt and it got through no problem! WHOO HOO!! Burrito on board!!

Keeping in mind I’m a United girl, I haven’t flown Delta or been in this terminal in almost 2 years! It had changed quite a bit in that there was actually decent food stands there! But I knew nothing they had would be as yummy or cheap ($3.50!!) as my burrito. As I walked down the terminal, I looked down at my ticket and realized… My gate wasn’t actually THERE… D’oh!!!!

They had changed gates on me… My gate was actually located in Terminal #6! Further, #5 and #6 weren’t connected. I asked the a Delta guy, would I HAVE to go through TSA again… he said… “Yup!”

ARGH!!! And so I got in line for screening at Terminal #6. Once again, I put the belt on the bag and right as I clear the metal detector the screener calls out to me, “Miss, is this your bag?”

“Uh… yes…”

As he unzipped the bag and began to riffle through, it took all my strength to hold back a scream, “Don’t take my BURRITO!!!!” And within a few seconds, he zipped up the bag and wished me a good day. I almost did the Snoopy happy dance then and there, but I had to rush to my flight…

Somewhere over Arizona (I love that little map guide channel thing), the attendants announced the start of snack service. YAY!!! Lunch time! I went ahead and said yes to the snack so I could have something to keep with me in the hotel. I was expecting a bag of peanuts, but instead I got this cute little package…

And inside, there wasn’t a snack… but SNACKS!! Good snacks, that I would eat for sure…

I also asked for an apple juice and was also surprised that it wasn’t served to me in a Dixie cup!! I took out my Burrito and was ready to get my grub on!!

And so I was happy. I settled into the rest of the flight and was kicking butt on the trivia game when suddenly we were over Atlanta and the attendants once again announced Snack time! I was still very stuffed and so when the attendant came by, I told her I didn’t want anything “Are you sure?” “Yup” “You don’t even want any water?” “Uh…” “Here you go and you can save that for later… ”

Not bad… And so, here we have it… the outcome of Burrito Vs. TSA… the Winnah with snacks to spare… was DOMMY!!!


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  1. Hi Dommy,

    Yes, this TSA worker is a chowhound. We're really not as bad a some people make us out to be. I try to be as helpful as I can to everyone. I really enyoy all your posts. Glad everything went well for you.

    OBG :-)

    1. I haven't had any issues with the gate guards. I have had things go missing from checked baggage (which could be the gate agents, the baggage handlers, the TSA...). Now I know I can bring a burrito on board!

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      1. re: Das Ubergeek

        Gosh! You know you can file a missing items report to the TSA... you can get re-inbursed if it was something major. :P


        1. re: Dommy

          Yup. And they won't cover "electronics" -- apparently an XBox game CD is electronics.

      2. Thank you for the great follow up report w/pics! It was both informative & fun.

        1. You might want to know about TSA "lists" of food items to look out for. This comes from a story about a man suing TSA for his arrest. He had joked about his peanut butter being explosives (when the TSA agent was baffled by the oil that had separated at the top of the jar).

          "Hannibal has brought a $5-million-dollar lawsuit against the TSA worker and the Port Authority officer who arrested him, all over a $7 confectionary which was returned to him upon his release from jail.
          “It’s a sorry state of affairs in this country when sarcasm is considered a felony,” his attorney, Alan D. Levine of Queens, noted, adding that TSA agents need to act with common sense in such situations.
          This is not an isolated incident. The TSA has a history of concentrating on looking out for cakes and pies, as well as sauces, oils and vinegars.
          The Homeland Security agency has also instituted a crack down on candy and cupcakes.""""

          crackdown on candy and cupcakes????

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          1. re: alkapal

            It's interesting to see such an old thread resurrected. I'm wondering if the results would be different today on the burrito. That said, the guy is a jerk. He wasn't pulled over because he had pb; it was because he made that stupid comment about having explosives. Is he the only person left in the US who doesn't know you can't make comments about explosives near security? Even Michael Dukakis learned that pretty quickly. How much is this going to cost us taxpayers over his stupidity? It really bugs me when people do ignorant things and are incensed over the results.

          2. What baffles me about your story is how a day-old, cold burrito is worth all of this. I admit that most airports have lousy food, which is why I usually bring my own, but it wouldn't be a day-old, cold burrito.

            Apart from all that, I am worried about how TSA cleared you into the wrong terminal (or, assuming you meant concourse, the wrong concourse).