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Unpasteurized juice in Florida?

This being the land of citrus and all you'd think there would be plenty of it, but even the roadside stands don't sell unpasteurized juice. What's up?

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  1. I'm pretty sure if you go to an actual grove they sell unpasteurized juice. But you might have to be in Indian River or Brevard counties. . .the groves I usually went to were in Rockledge or Merritt Island.

    1. Until a few years ago -- hell, maybe a decade, I don't remember -- Blackwelder Groves sold huge volumes of fresh, unprocessed bottled orange juice. They sold it in the Turnpike rest stops after the state got rid of the machines that actually squeezed the fruit before your eyes (too slow to be efficient).

      Disney sold it in all its restaurants and in each hotel's refrigerated cases. A deal worth milions.

      Someone got salmonella from the juice, it was alleged. Big lawsuit. Big settlement. Bye, bye Blackwelder !

      Not saying you can't find it anymore, but it's very hard to do so. used to be a place on US 27-441 in Lady Lake that processed it, but I think they are gone.

      Try the Just Juice product. I know Publix has it. Lemon, lime and orange. Not fresh, but damn close.

      Or buy a cheap machine and squeeze it your own self.


      1. If you are in S. Fla. you might wat to look for a Latin restaurants. They usually have fresh squeeze OJ per order.

        1. Kennesaw orange juice is fresh-squeezed and unpasteurised Florida orange juice. It's certainly the best tasting orange juice I've ever had out of a bottle...

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            Where can one purchase Kennesaw orange juice, please?


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              I'm not sure where it's sold... try looking in the drinks cabinet at delis etc. around the Pompano Beach area. There's a bakery/Jewish deli on Powerline Rd that has it but I can't remember the name of the place just now - I'll get DH to check next time he drives past...
              DH says you can get it at Publix (but I don't actually think I've seen it there...)

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                You can buy buy Kennesaw OJ at The Bagel Snack 1237 S.Powerline Road, Pompano Beach. It's an old fashioned style of NY Deli/Diner (but only open for breakfast and lunch). Well worth a visit if you are passing.

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                  Note: The Kennesaw juice plant is right at the corner of Atlantic and Andrews Avenue in Pompano.

          2. If you're in S. FL, you can try calling these places:
            http://www.fruitandspicepark.org - Found this place while searching this forum to see if anyone posted anything about robertishere. I think I'm going to have to check it out.

            http://www.robertishere.com - I've only been here once, and that was a few years ago. I remember a huge variety of fresh fruits, so maybe they have fresh juices too.

            http://www.flamingogardens.org - This place is in Davie just north of griffin road on flamingo rd. A long time ago, I used to go horse back riding near here and always stopped for some fresh juice. Although, at that time, we would ride through orange groves surrounding the place and across Flamingo Road and all down Orange Dr where housing devlopments are now. I'm not sure if it's still there, but there also used to be a grove on Orange Dr. just east of Hiatus that sold fresh juice.

            1. Publix sells Natalie's which is most likely pasteurized but taste as close to fresh squeezed as it gets - and I use to live in the Harvey groves so I grew up on fresh squeezed. Give it a try.

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                My favorite brand Publix sells is Indian River -- has an Indian with a headdress on the bottle. (Don't get the "with calcium" version!)

                Despite the name, I think it's produced in Fort Pierce, which is St. Lucie County.

              2. We get fresh squeezed orange juice from the Showcase of Citrus U-Pick grove just off of 27N in Clermont, FL (to the west of Orlando). It's out of this world.

                Heather W

                1. I buy my orange juice from a place called Lang's that is on 17/92 in Lake Alfred just south of Haines City. It is squeezed daily and they use several different types of oranges depending on what month it is. Last month they used Honey Bells and Navels. This month they will put in some Temples, this is my favorite mixture. It is so delicious, it is like drinking the nectar of the gods. I usually take a gallon to my sister and mom when I go to Miami. Lang's uses the oranges from their own orchards. There is a restaurant on the premises and they are known for their grapefruit pie and strawberry shortcake.

                  1. Nokomis Groves on Albee Farms Rd in Nokomis (just north of Venice) sells unpasteurized juice.