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Best Thai?

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Are there any good, authentic Thai restaurants in Manhattan, particularly the Upper East? Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

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  1. Unfortunately, no. People differ on the specific "best" in Manhattan, but everyone's pretty much in agreement that even the top places pale in comparison to the real thing. I'd try Zabb City (E. 13th) which is is a (sort of) outpost of the Queens Isan-style Thai restaurant, or Pam Real Thai (W. 49th) which sometimes will listen to pleas to make it "Bangkok-style!" I also have had some great meals at Jeeb (Orchard St), but once again, you need to implore them to cook you the real stuff, and not the toned-down Americanized version. Your best bet, of course, is heading out on the 7 train to Sripraphai in Queens...but that's a different post altogether.

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      Thanks. Love Sripraphai, but can't always make it out to Queens.

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        well put...am in total agreement with you...

      2. Sripriphai is by far the best.

        My 2nd favorite is Wondee Siam.

        Others in Manhattan that I like:
        Pam Real

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          Do you have an opinion about which branches of Pongsri are best?

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            2nd and 17th is pretty good but the one off Center Street called just "Thailand restaurant" is the best of the bunch. No Sripriphai though.

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              True, the best one is the one in Chinatown. I would also rate the 2nd ave one second, and the Hell's Kitchen one a third. Haven't been to the Chelsea location.

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              I have only been to the Chinatown (on Bayard near the tombs) and theater district restaurants. I prefer Chinatown, but the theater district restaurant has more ambience.

          2. I like the Pongsri on 23rd

            1. In Manhattan my favorite three are Wondee Siam I, Wondee Siam II and Pam Real Thai...Sripriphai is great although a real pain to get to for me living on the upper east side.

              1. I still like Wondee Siam I and II as well. The smaller location usually has the better food. Never had a problem getting the real thing there coz apparently they thought I was Thai.

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                  Agree that Wondee I has the better food....plus I like bringing in a bottle of sweet wine to compliment the spicy food....love BYOB there.

                2. Last night I took out from Sripraphai and made a tactical error. I ordered the bbq pork and chilis. When asked how spicy I'd like it I said in a challenging tone "very spicy". It was fantastic but I still can't feel my lips.

                  1. I'm adding Zabb to my list of favorite Thai places in the New York area. Easy ride out to Jackson Heights and the food was excellent. Loved the Pad Kra Prow - my favorite dish. They made it nice and spicy for me. Reasonable prices and no crowds like at Sripraphai. I'll definitely be coming back.

                    1. We've been quite happy with Pam Real Thai as of late, and the food has been particularly spicy. I don't know of anything on the Upper East Side though...

                      1. toons in the west village is my favorite thai food and it is one of the few in NYC that i know of that is actually authentic thai owned and operated.

                        1. I was very happy with the Double Cooked Pork with Thai Basil at Real Pam Thai earlier tonight ($7,00 with a side order of rice) and most of the other food at tables around me looked and smelled pretty good. One exception, the Pad Thai, didn't look great. I'll be back to work my way through the menu. It seems quite promissing.

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