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Jan 27, 2007 02:45 AM

Columbia brunch?

Did a search but results were a couple of years old. I'm stuck in Orangeburg, SC for a while and wondering if there are any good brunches in Columbia? Another question. Do restaurants in Columbia serve alcohol on Sundays? Thanks!

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  1. The most popular place by far is Motor Supply Company... There are several other places in the Vista though that do Sunday brunch. They have good Bloody Marys too (except they overdid the clam juice with mine one time). Most places that are open on Sunday pay for the separate Sunday alcohol license so, yes, there is definitely booze a-flowin'....

    1. Liberty Tap Room is also open for Sunday brunch. Possibly Blue Marlin.

      1. Thanks, folks! Went to Motor Supply Company and had an excellent salmon with capers, cream cheese and bagel. Absolute killer Bloody Marys. Good menu with some fish dishes, a steak or two and a couple of egg dishes. Had trouble finding the place and the parking lot is small, but worth the visit. Very nice space.