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Jan 27, 2007 02:23 AM

Arterra, San Diego, in Photos

Was just down in San Diego a day this week for a conference. Naturally I had to have a nice meal before I drove back to Orange County! In any case, I definitely enjoyed my meal at Arterra.


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  1. Great report and pictures, Kevin. I've never done a "grand" tasting like that before. I don't think Arterra has been talked about as much since Carl Schroeder left.

      1. I had posted a note about Arterra after Carl Schroeder's departure. We felt the food was almost as good as before but the service had dropped a good notch. Given that Schroeder's place is about a mile away, and has better food at a slightly lower price, we now go there quite often. Kevin, next time, do yourself a favor and try Market (on Via de la Valle-about 1 mile east of I-5; ask to be a Jovani's or Melissa's table.)

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          I just glanced at Market's website ( and it does indeed look promising, though unfortunately it doesn't seem like they offer a tasting menu. I'm putting it at the top of places to try next time I'm down there.

        2. They do have a tasting menu-it just hasn't been added to the web site yet. I'll get details and try to post about it.

          1. Yes, They do have a tasting menu. It is comprised of 4 courses for $65.00 and availible wine pairing. It changes daily due to the evolving menu.