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Jan 26, 2007 08:48 PM


As most of you know, I usually post my top 3 and ask that you do likewise. Unfortunately, I do not have a top 3 Chinese in FLA, in fact I do not even have one! I am on the verge of taking another ten year break from the dreadful Chinese 'food' here in FLA! Please help me out as I am at a complete loss for good picks and very much over my usual standby delivery joint.

Thanks FLA!

1. ???
2. ???
3. ???

RIP Chrysanthemum

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  1. 1. Silver Pond - very good especially if you know what to order (Broward)
    2. Tropical - very good dim sum (Dade)
    3. Chinatopia - our "neighborhood" go-to place, very good food - especially if you enroll the family and eat off the menu (Broward)

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    1. re: pilches

      The key being "if you know what to order". I am so sick of the standard dishes I always seem to reluctantly re-order. That may be a big part of my problem. Please give dishes!

    2. What part of Florida does your post regard?

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      1. I am with you 'net' on this one, although I heard that Tropical in south Dade was outstanding!!

        1. I really like the Dim Sum @ Mr. Chu's. Probably more than Tropical.

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          1. re: tpigeon

            Tropical is overrated and designed for wealthy Latin-American customers. Mr. Chu's is designed for tourists and Anglos on the Beach. Miami's Chinese, unless they are connected to Tropical and get the superstar treatment -- I got it once -- go to places like South Garden on Sunset around 108th Avenue. No atmosphere, but carts on the weekend feeding Chinese speaking folks. Maybe a few wealthy Chinese go to Tropical, but I find it too greasy.

            1. re: crach

              Wow, I guess a lot has changed in the last four years or else when we went to Tropical all the Chinese people there - a lot of them - eating the dim sum were actually wealthy Latin Americans in disguise. Strange, they really looked authentic.

          2. china yuan in tampa is really great chinese. TC Chows is also excellent. both in tampa. what's the problem down in south florida?

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            1. re: Tandoori Girl

              China Yuan is my favorite in the Tampa Bay area.