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Jan 26, 2007 08:44 PM

Brunch in Boston

Can anybody please recommend some brunch places in the Boston, Cambridge area?
I prefer them to be not too expensive and kid friendly places. Thank you!

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  1. I don't see too many kids at brunch in the South End, mostly a lot of slightly hungover looking grownups. Still, the brunch at Stella is big and noisy enough that it might work. It's not exactly cheap (brunch is not a high-value meal -- lots of places ask $10 for eggs), but it's not one of the extravagant ones (which mostly seem to be at luxury hotel restaurants) either.

    The Red Fez might also work for you, and it has free parking.

    The only places I regularly go for brunch in Cambridge are the B-Side, the Blue Room (massive buffet), and the East Coast Grill (Caribbean flavored), which are good but not exactly kid-friendly.

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      I consider East Coast Grill kid friendly in general. The Latin-themed bruch menu, however, does not offer many options for less adventurous eaters, but it does include fairly basic french toast. (The menu describes it as cornmeal crusted, but if you just tell a kid that it's french toast, they won't know the difference.)

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        There was a kid at B-side when I had brunch there yesterday, and she seemed fine -- she was probably 4-5ish? And the booths have room for a car seat if you've got a wee one. The S&S is probably Most kid/family friendly in that same neighborhood.

      2. i worked in the south end, and almost nobody even has high chairs. not a kid-friendly neighborhood.

        what about henrietta's table? personally, i don't like buffets, but that seems to get good comments. it's also in a hotel, so they'll be more accepting of littles.

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          I agree that not too long ago your statement was justified however having a toddler myself we have noticed that seems to be changing.
          Had a wonderful brunch lust Sunday at Union in the S.E., they had a high chair waiting for our table per our reservation as well as several more in use in the dining room. The server offered to warm a bottle and wash baby utensils which we thought was a nice touch.
          Stella was quite accommodating several weeks ago as well as Aquitaine.
          2nd baby boom?

        2. The restaurant at Jury's Hotel at the corner of Stuart and Arlington Streets offers an all-you-can-eat breakfast buffet, with made-to-order waffles and omelets, for $16 for adults and $9 for kids. While perhaps not cheap, this is a lot cheaper than what I've seen at other hotel buffets. (The Westin in Waltham, for example, is $25, even though the quality of the food is not even close.)

          1. How about Johnny D's in Somerville. Haven't been myself but heard it was good.

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              Many of us disagree with what you've heard.

            2. go early or be ready for lines

              S&S Restaurant
              Inman Square
              1334 Cambridge Street
              Cambridge, MA 02139