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Jan 26, 2007 08:21 PM

Valentine's Reservations: Skates or Steaks?

I'm planning on making dinner reservations for Valentine's for the weekend of (Feb.10th or 11th) to avoid Wednesday night hassles.

The other half is a "steaks and loaded baked potatoes" kind of guy... So I'm in a quandary... should I go to Skate's on the Bay for the view and okay food? OR... Morton's Steakhouse at Union Square? OR... is there a better steakhouse I should look into?

Thanks for all suggestions!

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  1. Oh god please don't go to Skates- what about that place in Jack London Square? Or The Dead Fish? They're pretty good for steaks. My favorite steakhouse is House of Prime Rib in SF.

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      There have been a couple of good reports on the prime rib at Skates, but I haven't tried it yet.

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        Prime Rib is a roast beef, not a steak.

        1. re: bihnkim

          OP just said 'steak & potatoes' type of guy which means someone who is into beef. Just pointing out that if the OP was going for a view, that based on reports there was a good beef option on the menu even if another poster didn't like the steaks.

          Which reminds me ... here's the link to Dead Fish which has the view on the front page. My understanding is that they roast up some nice prime rib too.

          They also make good mussles (for the girlfriend). Avoid the fish.

        1. Skates and Morton's are both corporate chain restaurants, which to me is violently antiromantic. So is Dead Fish, on a smaller scale ( ).

          Cafe Rouge does a great steak but usually no baked potato. Good fries.

          In the city there are several non-chain steakhouses: Acme Chophouse, Alfred's, El Raigon, and Harris'.