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Jan 26, 2007 08:18 PM

Sausage you can't live without

Tell me about sausages,dogs, frank, etc. that have left a permanent impression on you. Feel free to rant and go off on a tangent, I need to know what it is about certain sausages that can bring a tear of joy to your eye and a warmth in your belly that you'll never forget.

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    1. In Tucson there is a small butcher shop called Dickman's that makes THE best fresh bratwurst. I had only had the precooked, processed, packaged brats before. Then I tried the fresh ones and there was no turning back! Fabulous, fresh, meaty flavor... a little mustard on a bun and it's perfection.

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        Similar experience here with Forest Pork Store, a terrific German butcher. You walk in and TAKE A NUMBER! the place is tiny, everyone in there but me is speaking in German, and little old ladies are standing there saying "Nein! Grosser!" and point to the plockwurst they want.

        Forest's fresh wursts are outta this world. Those brats are like heaven in casing.

      2. Thats what im talking about. I dont think most of us know what a good sausage really is.(or how to cook one for that matter)

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          What the butcher told me to do was to simmer in the liquid of my choice (I've done water, beer, and hard cider, all with good results)...and do NOT pierce the skin. Then drain, and grill. I have used both a BBQ grill outside and a grill pan on the stove inside, both with excellent results. Sometimes one of the brats will burst their skins, but most of the time they don't and they are so juicy. Nothing like the fresh ones. I can never go back.

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            The difference, from your method, is that I like to soft steam (190-200 degree) them rather than parboiling them.

            I gotta agree with that never pierce the skin thing.


        2. In my hometown in WA there was a Swiss butcher who made bockwurst every Spring around Lent. They were divine! Veal quenelles in a casing. Very light and tender. My normally-frugal father would buy a couple big batches of these - hang the expense! The local supermarket versions around here don't compare.

          My second-favorite sausages were the Frankfurt street-food bratwurst. Big (@1/3 lb.) white fine-ground super-flavorful pork doggies. If I ever get back to Germany, I'll have to stop by a schnell-imbiss and have one for old-times sake.

          1. Merguez. Moroccan lamb sausage. I had my kosher butcher in South Orange make up a batch for me, with lots of harissa, the hot, spicy middle-eastern condiment, and a few other spices.

            When you grill it, it is so fragrant, so delicious, so juicy, you just can't stop eating it. On a roll, with some tahina, or on top of a salad, with a light dressing. My mouth is watering just thinking about it.