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Breakfast in Pasadena area (for a bday)

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I'm looking fo a casual breakfast place (for 5 girls who haven't gotten together in a long time) to celebrate a birthday. I"m not from pasadena so unfamiliar with the places to eat.

Looking for somewhere that's not too loud, will take reservations (Marston's doesn't although their menu is they right style), and ideally not rush you out -- so we can sit and talk a little after the meal. It is a Saturday so shouldn't be as busy as it is on a Sunday.

Someone mentioned Julienne (is this place a bit stuffy/formal?) and Greenstreet? Any other advice or insight to these places?


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  1. Julienne's would be my first choice, but you might also consider Mike and Anne's in South Pasadena (http://mikeandannes.com/ ).

    Have fun.

    1. Julienne's is great, but doesn't take reservations. Firefly Bistro in South Pas serves brunch on Sats and Sundays starting at 10--check out their menu online at http://www.eatatfirefly.com/index.html. They take dinner reservations, so I would imagine they would take brunch, too.

      1. greenstreet cafe...good stuff!

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          Green St. doesn't take reservations.

        2. Julienne's is great and they have great brunch - not stuffy - most of the seating is outdoors on a very pleasant patio. Even though they don't take res, if you get there early, you shouldn't have a problem (it's worth the wait anyway.) Have had many b'day breakfasts there (myself and others.)

          1. Jilienne's is great and is not stuffy- fabulous food, great coffee, excellent service- being from a guy who won't pay or enjoys atmosphere

            1. Since you are hanging out with your gal pals, I suggest Aux Delices French Bakery and Cafe. They have decent bistro style breakfast. There's plenty of window shopping to do afterwards. http://www.auxdelicespasadena.com/ind...

              1. Thanks everyone! I think it'll be between Julienne and Firefly -- depending on the wait! Much appreciate the info on the food and the atmosphere! I'll keep checking for any other suggestions. :)

                1. JULIENNE for sure. the shopping there, next door and across the street is great. not stuffy and not opened on sundays.

                  just grabbed breakfast at LE PAIN QUODITIAN on colorado with a girlfriend. lovely. two organic soft poached eggs with toast and a bowl of berry oatmeal with flax seeds.

                  but for a b-day...JULIENNE.

                  1. So I just called them -- and they said the wait at 10 am on a Saturday is about a half hour.. Does anyone know? We have friends coming from all over LA so trying to make it earlier is not possible. And having people wait around is a bit anti-climatic. How is the waiting area.. do they serve coffee and you can actually sit? And does anyone know how long a typical sat morning wait is (10 am and 5 people)


                    1. There's no place to wait at Julienne, you just have to stand around on the sidewalk. It's a lovely restaurant in a lovely neighborhood though, if you don't mind being outside on a February morning. (Super fun boutique shop across the street called Simply Fresh.)

                      Firefly has also outdoor seating in a lovely setting, hopefully they'll have heat lamps.

                      Mike & Anne's is also good, and they have indoor and outdoor seating -- I don't think they have as long a wait as Julienne.

                      1. Julienne: You wait around on the sidewalk, standing or sitting on a stone bench if you can find one not taken. I think the half hour wait sounds about right. I would not give the place the glowing report that I seem to keep seeing on the board. At least don't get the salmon with potatoes, it's a greasy awful tasteless mess.

                        Firefly might be a better option for your group. The setting is lovely, it's a big tented space with nice greenery. Leisurely, relaxing atmosphere, vs. the crowd of Julienne.

                        1. THere are several benches in front of the restaurant, so waiting is not that bad. There is also a lovely small dining room adjacent to the main room which is usually open on weekends so that makes things go slightly faster.

                          1. Just remembered about Cafe Verde on Green Street. Probably too small for the birthday get together, but just wanted to mention their great pancakes -- good flavor and moist. Small portions, however.

                            1. dishbreakfastlunchanddinner.com up in La Canada