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Ford's Filling Station - Inconsistent?

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My wife & I have been 3 times (in 3 months). The first time, a non-busy weekday, the food was excellent. We returned 2 more times, both Saturday nights, with the exact same results: apps & salads were good, but the entrees came out luke warm to cold. Both times the entrees were very dissappointing. Just curious if anyone else has had this experience? Is the food quality dropping? Or should we just resolve to eat here on quieter weekdays?

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  1. I stopped going after about 3 or 4 visits. Inconsistent is right. But also, some of their dishes are really just not good. Service still sucked the last time I was there. Ben Ford was just hanging out, don't know what he was doing, but he should have been whipping the service into shape and getting the food right, like make sure the oil is actually hot enough before they throw those clams in. Overpriced for what you get. The only good and consistently good things are the desserts. The same amount of money is much much better spent at Wilson.