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Jan 26, 2007 07:02 PM

Crossroads Dining Hall - UCBerkeley

A relatively new dining hall has opened at UC Berkeley .... it's a state of the art kitchen and dining area ( stainless steel & glass ) .... several cooking stations and lots of other choices .... all open to the public, as well as the student population. My s.o. went there for lunch and said it was pretty dazzling - not everything is to die for but she was impressed with several items she tried. Lots of things to choose from and she's looking forward to returning. For non students the tab is $4.75 for breakfast, $6.75 for lunch and $7.25 for dinner. If I understand the following article and what Janice said - it's eat all you want. Not sure how they do that but what the ..... go for it.

It's on the first floor of the Residential and Student Services Building at 2415 Bowditch

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  1. Sounds like a bargain price. My stepdaughter is a student at UC Santa Cruz and the cash value price for AYCE is $7.25/$8.50/$9.95 B/L/D and that's for steam table food. It's the same for students and non-students alike, though students with meal plans get discounts.

    Maybe UC Berkeley is subsidizing the resto to provide another recruiting tool. And maybe that's why a UC Berkeley fundraiser called me just as I was sitting down to MY dinner.

    1. There's a new dining hall, but Crossroads has been serving much longer. I find the price/chow ratio pretty good, but the price is exclusively low. Unlike fast food joints, they may a good soda.

      1. Yep...I think they've actually been around since 2002, although the Peet's is newer.

        1. The UCB webpage describing Crossroads lists non-student prices as $7/$8/$9 for B/L/D. It lists the food stations: "features nine distinct stations: Asian, Mexican, made-to-order deli, organic salad bar, comfort foods, vegetarian/vegan, grilled entr´┐Żes, bakery and dessert selections, and a variety of soups, cereals and beverages".

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            thanks for the update on the prices .... the article that I got the prices from was an older article that I Googled .... these prices make more sense. still reasonable .....

          2. The new dining facility is in one of the residence halls; it's an upgrade, not a completely new installation.

            Here's a news report from the student paper at Cal: