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Jan 26, 2007 06:46 PM

Late Night Albuquerque Dining?

Sorry--Was rushing and neglected to title this. Not used to new board

Will be flying in to ABQ late (11+) on a Sat. night and renting a car.

Any place that stays open late that's worth trying to get to?

Our preference is for NM style, but anything palatable will do.

It will have to be a place that serves till at least 12:30, I'd guess, to be safe.

Many thanks.

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  1. How late is the Frontier staying open these days? I had heard they were no longer 24/7.

    If they're still open that late, they should be your first stop anyway. Best restaurant in Albuquerque, and the main reason I gained about 50 pounds while I was living there.

    1. Stil open 24/7 except XMas day....thanks to the Burque police. The Frontier was having security problems with late night drunks and threatened to close at 2am. The cops volunteered to patrol the place at no charge, just to keep it open. It really is one of the very few places open after 11 and, it's cheap and delicious.

      1. Oh, well then the Frontier, no question. For one thing, it's dead easy to get to from the airport: go up Yale Boulevard to Central, turn right, go two blocks. Can't miss it. It covers half a city block.

        Recommendations: I still yearn for the huevos rancheros over easy with green chile stew, side of bacon, western-style hash browns and an extra order of tortillas. And a sweet roll.