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Jan 26, 2007 06:31 PM

Minibar, Laboratorio or Obelisk?

Will be in DC for a few days in March and am looking to "splurge" one night. Bottom line - we love food, but are also interested in the overall experience. Minibar sounds great, as does Laboratorio, and on the more traditional side, Obelisk. It is so hard to choose! Help!

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  1. Laboratorio is closed right now. Roberto Donna is at Bebo is Pentagon Row/Crystal City.

    1. It is difficult to compare the Minibar to Obelisk as they are such totally different experiences. However, if you have never been there, try the Minibar [make reservations a full month in advance]. Obelisk is outstanding Italian food but there are others. There is nothing else like the Minibar in Washington and few like it anywhere.

      1. I'd skip minibar- it's unique but not in a good way. I'd really head over to Obelisk. You might consider Vidalia or 2941 as well for amazine eating experiences.

        1. Thanks for the advice!