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Jan 26, 2007 06:26 PM

Best Food Neighborhood in Philly

Hi all -
I'm heading to Philadelphia next weekend with my husband for a much-needed break from parenting. We're looking forward to wandering around and eating in some great restaurants all weekend. We've never been before, and haven't yet made our hotel reservations. We're wondering what the best neighborhood is for checking out interesting eating options. We don't want to end up at all the tourist spots instead of where the locals really like to eat. (I've made reservations at Matyson's for Saturday night after reading lots of the posts on this board). So, please, what neighborhood would you put a fellow chowhound in for two nights?
Thanks -

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  1. I'd stay in the Sofitel near Rittenhouse Square. It's a great hotel (stayed there myself on a break from parenting), within walking distance of Matyson and numerous other great places. Check out Tria and snackbar for drinks/small plates, Good Dog for a fantastic burger, Monks for good beer selection, burgers and mussels, Capogiro for amazing gelato (there are threads on all these places if you want to read more). It's also really easy to get to other parts of the city from there. Another great neighborhood to visit (but there is no good place to stay right near) is the 9th Street/Italian Market area--the neighborhood has a lot of great Vietnamese and Mexican restaurants. Have a great time.

    1. Sofitel was rated top hotel...nice area...good, more refined food.

      1. check out the reading terminal for lunch - at 12th and filbert - to eat-in and takeout. afterwards, take a wander through chinatown, just north and east of the terminal and perhaps eat some vietnamese at vietnam palace.

        try la colombe for coffee - right near your hotel on 130 s.19th street. that neighborhood is charming and full of neat shops.

        bar ferdinand in northern liberties is a cool spot. two good gastropubs down there are standard tap 901 n.2nd street andnorth third at 3rd and brown.

        i second capogiro!

        have a good trip and let us know your thoughts!

        1. I'd second Reading Terminal Market and (third?) the Sofitel. Both Rittenhouse Square and Old City areas have a lot of non-touristy restaurant options, but accomodations wise, you're better off staying near Rittenhouse where the Sofitel is... BTW they have lovely suites there.

          1. Queen Village has the best restaurants these days - more interesting food and better prices than Rittenhouse and Old City. Ansill, Pif, Southwark, Gayle, Salt and Pepper...

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