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Jan 26, 2007 06:16 PM

Best Pho Dining Experience - Providence RI

Any tips? While I love 4 Seasons .... Looking for something new .....Anywhere in
Rhode Island will do

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  1. Pho Horn in the dreadful Shaws plaza Pawtucket. Can't say I am a Pho Expert but I liked it much more than Pho Paradise on Broad St. (Which is not bad either...)

    1. I'll second Pho Horn. Their Pho Ga is very good.

      1. How is Phonatic near Thayer off of Angell St? I've heard wildly divergent things...

        - Garris

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        1. re: Garris

          Have not been to Phonatic. I am becoming a true Rho Dylander, as I balk at making the 2 mile trek over to Phonatic when Pho Horn is only a half mile away.

          1. re: Garris

            Phonatic is really really great. Same owner as Pho Paradise.

            Get for vegetarians, too. But the beef pho rocks!

          2. Pho Horn is my favorite for this area. Good enough to save me a trip to Boston.

            1. I enjoyed Pho Horn, but I do like Pho Paradise on Broad Street as well. It's a bit too oily for me sometimes, but very good usually.