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Jan 26, 2007 06:11 PM


On the hunt for the best Armenian restaurant in town...HELP!

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  1. OK, maybe you already know this much -- but it could well be in Glendale with the really large proportion of residents there with Armenian heritage.
    I have read good things about a place up there called RAFFI'S where the patio is said to be quaint, and another called CAROUSEL, which I think is higher-end. I have not been to either.

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      Raffi's styles itself a Persian restaurant, just so you know -- the cuisines are similar, but Persians eat more stews, and Armenians more meze.

      Carousel is OK, but honestly the food doesn't justify the price. What I mean is that the food is the same as in a more run-down place, but is much more expensive. I don't like paying for atmosphere. I can't eat atmosphere.

      There's always Mandaloun, but they've changed hands recently and I haven't been since the changeover.

    2. I like Carousel. The mezza (appetizers) are more impressive than the mains (kebabs) so I recommend just getting a good variety of mezza. There's nothing wrong with the kebabs; they're just not as interesting and the portions are so large that I couldn't finish everything.

      If you eat raw meat, get the Kebbeh Nayyah.

      If you drink alcohol and haven't done so, try the Arak. I don't think it's on the menu.

      1. My Partner is Armenian. Get someone to take you to a wedding or engagement party. Short of that Carousel and Raffi's, you can't go wrong.

        1. Honestly, for the price, I think Shamshiri on Central Ave is dang good.
          I go there at least twice a month for lunch.

          1. carousel is far better than the rest of the places mentioned. you can type raffi or carousel in the search window and you'll see a lot of previous discussions about these places. they aren't comparable, actually. raffi's is persian armenian and carousel is lebanese armenian.