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Jan 26, 2007 05:47 PM

PDX: BBQ or Southern for a group

I am looking for really good BBQ or Southern in PDX that can accommodate 10-12. Low BBQ won't work because we are going out on a Friday. Not sure if Cambell's is good. Is Russell St BBQ good? Is Lagniappe good? Can it accomodate a group?


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  1. Podnah's. They're the only BBQ that's as good as LOW BBQ.

    Lagniappe is good. I think their BBQ is just okay, but the much of their Cajun food is quite tasty. (I'm not a fan of their jambalaya, though.) I believe it could accomodate 12, but the problem with these types of places is I don't know if they take reservations. You may want to call them and see what can be done.

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      Lagniappe takes reservations and has plenty of room for 12 (I've been there with a group and they handled it really well). Podnah's is great, but it's teeny.

    2. Lagniappe's brisket is excellent, as is their gumbo.

      1. Agree that Podnah's is your best choice for BBQ. Lagniappe is good cajun but their BBQ was not their strong suit in my opinion.