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Favorite Restaurant in Andersonville/Ravenswood area?

Hey everyone! New to the board; just found it earlier this week and a proud Ravenswood resident (Winnemac & Ashland)

Just thought I would introduce myself and poll everyone for their favorite spot in Ravenswood and or Andersonville. I have my favorites, but I'd love to see what everyone else says.


Mike, the Beatnik...

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  1. Hop Leaf is definitely my favorite bar.

    1. Sveas -Breakfast
      Hop Leaf - beer, mussels
      Calo's - thin crust pizza
      Andies - Middle Eastern
      Taste of Lebanon - chicken shawarma sandwich
      Farrugets - love that place in the summer when the windows are open
      Tokyo Marino - good cheap sush

      1. Definitely Reza's... and they deliver!

        1. Andies

          1. Any discussion of Andersonville food sources must include more than restaurants: 1) Middle Eastern Bakery & Grocery (Foster just west of Clark) for olives, freshly-baked pita, homemade spinach pies, giant dates, hummos etc; 2) Swedish Bakery, Clark near Balmoral for Julekaka and everything else; 3) Edgewater Produce, Clark just below Bryn Mawr for lovely well-priced produce, Mexican products; 4) Pars Grocery (across Clark from Reza's) for bags of dried dill so you can fix rice the way Reza's does; 5) Swedish deli Wykstroms and the other one across Clark from it (I forget the name) for Swedish deli and grocery products. Clark between Foster and Bryn Mawr is one of the best food-shopping strips in the city---if you go there for lunch, always take a shopping bag with you.

            1. For Sunday brunch... M Henry's!
              Love Hopleaf for great mussels and belgian beer!
              Leonardo's - good quality italian.
              Jin Ju is my cold weather favorite. Spicy, warm and comforting, (trendy) korean food.

              1. try glen's diner ( on montrose by the train tracks) a surprisingly impressive place for great seafood, spacca napoli for great pizza (sunnyside and ravenswood), a taste of heaven for brunch/pastries (clark and balmoral- i think)

                1. Haven't tried it but I hear that Spacca Napoli is great for authentic Naples style thin pizza. Yeah, I'm bummed because I can't eat pizza due to my gluten intollerance.

                  Calo's for the Italian Chopped Antipasto salad, shrimp cocktail, and the daily fish special, and a martini at the bar on weekends for live music. The mother daughter bartender duo are characters.

                  Middle Eastern Bakery on Foster is excellent for fresh kibbie, hummos, babaganouj, tabboule, lentil soup, meat and vegetarian turnovers, bread, date and coconut candy, fava bean salad, etc, etc.

                  La Fonda on Broadway for Columbian food.

                  Charlie's Ale House for the Blue Plate Special...the $7-8 bargain lunch special.

                  Hopleaf for great beer, atmosphere, and Belgian Bar food.

                  Forget Tokyo Sushi and Hamamatsu for sushi, not very good.

                  1. i live right near you..balmoral & paulina & culinary student. i would say my fav is absolutely hama matsu. i totally disagree w/last post. reat sushi chef, great sushi & other things, and byob. definitely a safe bet. jin jiu is also very good. i'm not sure if it's totally authentic korean, but good food and fun. of course swedish bakery. i love their marzipan, among many other good things. yes, andies is very good. i think calo is a bit expensive for what it is (i can make better at home) but it's ok. right down the street from me is pauline's. it's pretty yummy basic breakfast food, but gets crowded on weekends. they have fresh OJ that they'll our while you wait, but the guy has spilled it on me more than once :) fireside is decent american food, open til 4 or 5 am, and delivers. hope that helps.

                    1. oh, and i forgot to mention m. henry. delicious.

                      1. I agree with babychef - Hama Matsu is fantastic. Fresh fish, inventive but not overpowering rolls (if you're into rolls), very reasonably priced.

                        Calo's pizza isn't my favorite. I'd say if you're ordering in, get it from Chicago's (a few locations).

                        Svea is a great low-key breakfast options (cash only, and they close in the early afternoon).

                        Kopi Cafe is a great for vegetarian and vegan options, and they make some mean nachos.

                        If you're looking for tasty food in a bar, but without the wait of Hopleaf, T's also makes fries with garlic mayo, and they have a nice selection of other bar food and great drinks.

                        A little further east from Clark, on Broadway, are tons more options. Many excellent Vietnamese, Thai, and other Asian options to be had. Further north on Broadway you'll get to a couple of the Ethiopian places (Ras Dashen and Ethiopian Diamond).

                        1. la tache is actually a great place for brunch on sundays. some very unique and interesting options. I had a chedder gougere with asparagus puree and scrambled edd with truffle holandaise. but there was something on the menu for everyone and they won't have a two hour wait for a table.

                          on balmoral by clark.

                          1. Hamamatsu is my favorite place in Andersonville. I get mostly the korean food, particularly the bibimbop and the jop chae (sp?), but the sushi is very good as well. Most importantly, the sushi chef, I think his name is Jason, is one of the most personable hosts you could find and has on a number of occasssions given us extra little items of food to try and has cooked food when we strolled in at closing etc.