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Jan 26, 2007 05:42 PM

which one would you choose

My daughter, boyfriend and another couple going into city tomorrow, Saturday for a comedy club act near west 53rd and Broadway. Thinking of trying one of the following restaurants. Would like chowhounders opinions on what they thought of the choices. Here they are: Basilica, Amarone, Rino Trattoria, and Rachel's. If you have other suggestions feel free to rec.


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  1. I've been to Rachel's and Amarone though, in both cases, it was quite some time ago. I was not impressed by the food at Rachel's, and the seating was very uncomfortable. My recollection of Amarone is that we had pasta, which was fine, but nothing special.

    My current pick for Italian in the Theater District is Roberto Passon. Very good food and pleasant atmospherics.

    1. I'm with RGR on this one--I'd avoid all the restaurants on that list. Passon would be my choice for Italian in the neighborhood, even with the service issues you might have read about of late.



      1. For that level of Italian, also consider Becco.

        1. Rino Trattoria is a great choice. The food is nothing groundbreaking, but always solid for us and the service is very nice. We feel like family every time we walk in. Inexpensive as well. If you're drinking, the house cabernet is fantastic.

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            Rino's is excellent. I needed spaghetti and meatballs delivered to Le Parker Meridien last weekend and it was perfect. The paparadalle was extremely impressive too, as was the perfectly made ceasar salad. The garlic bread was also excellent.

            I am very picky about italian food -- Rino's is a great choice, at least for delivery, if you happen to be near it.