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Jan 26, 2007 05:33 PM

looking for a yummy sandwich place on uws

i work around the 80s and columbus

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  1. Give Hampton Chutney a try - 82nd/83rd amsterdam.

    Harriets makes a nice burger - 84th/amsterdam

    1. You might give Broadway Delights deli a try (B'way 75th/76th). I have them deliver sandwiches/salads -- so I can't vouch for eating on premises, but I've always been quite delighted with what I get. Love the chicken salad!

      1. Columbus Bakery is a nice spot, and if you're up for a walk, head down to Cafe Ronda in the low 70s for an excellent Cuban Sandwich. I am also a fan of Lenny's - a little pricy, but consistently one of the best deli sandwiches around.