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Jan 26, 2007 05:25 PM

French Toast in Seattle

Hi, what's the best place for French toast in Seattle? A friend and I want French toast and sausage this weekend. thanks!

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  1. MY house has the best French toast! :-D

    I've heard Skylark Cafe in West Seattle
    has a good Sunday brunch menu that
    features French toast.

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    1. re: pigeonmom

      Great, we'll be over at 9:00! :-) We'll check out Skylark...thanks,

    2. Portage Bay Cafe in the U District has awesome french toast. You can order the bananas foster version off the menu or you can order it plain and load it with berries, nuts and whipped cream from their breakfast bar. The sausage is really great too.

      1. There is a little restaurant in Federal Way called Saimin Says that does a marvelous Hawaiian version of French Toast. They use King's Bread, a coconut syrup and if I remember correctly, there are bananas and macadamia nuts strewn around as well... My waist allowance won't let me do that anymore....

        1. Just saw Cafe Nola on Bainbridge Island on tv.
          That french toast looks incredible.

          1. Geraldine's Counter (Columbia City) has the best French toast in Seattle. Yesterday I had a plate with peaches and maple syrup. I heard a rumour that they soak their bread overnight, which is why it's so delicious...