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Jan 26, 2007 04:56 PM

Fifi's Patisserie Orlando

Anyone been yet? I have been highly anticipating its opening, but I am also a little anxious it may not live up to my expectations. Please tell me it is as good as I've dreamt it to be!

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  1. Have not been, but have heard good reports. Breakfast apparently is especially good. The chef/manager were huegely successful at The Blue Dahlia in Sanford and, I'm told, have replicated that success at Fifi's.

    Will report once I get by there.


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      Where is this place and more exactly what kind of food? Some sort of French?

    2. I have been. It is outstanding in every way. Food, service, atmosphere. It is lovely and WAY delicious!

      1. Had lunch there today (Friday).

        Arrived early and found it got very busy quickly. They are understaffed with a mix of experienced and inexperienced waitstaff, The veterans are helping the kids out, but it can be painfully slow.

        I had cup of the chicken and sausage soup, a creamy, roux-based broth with big chunks of sausage and the bird. Quite tasty. The other soup, eggplant wiith onion and red wine, was different, but a bit lightweight.

        I had a salmon crepe with the standard accompaniments. Very, very small portion. Crepe seemed doughy. Overpriced at $12 for crepe and soup. She had chicken and gruyere crepe, larger portion and much more hearty. Nice taste. $10.

        We split a chocolate assortment for dessert, which included five items and some fresh fruit. Quite elegant and very tasty and not overpriced at $7.50. Best item was a chocolate and cherry omlet, light milk chocolate topped with pecans glazed with a sweet, cherry topping. Rich and wonderful blend of flavors.

        Also shared pommes frites. Not the best I've ever had, but way above the ordinary for Central Florida.

        I'm going back for the steak frittes over the weekend. $17. We'll see.