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Jan 26, 2007 04:54 PM

Rocket to Venus

Anyone been to this new one in Hampden? Elizabeth Large hated the atmosphere which is our signal to get over there ASAP. The jerk chicken and biscuits that they showed in the Sun review looked great and it seems like it might be the perfect place to kick off a night on the Avenue.

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  1. Apparently the word in Hampden (among my friends who live there) is that Rocket to Venus' food is appalling. Elizabeth Large didn't particularly care for it, either, but I trust my friends and the word on the Avenue more than her anyway. Truly a missed opportunity, it seems.

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      I live in Hampden and while I have only had drinks there, I have friends (Hampdenites) who have eaten there and liked the food alot, particularly the thai mussels and the sliders.

    2. I had a very good dinner there last week - walnut sage pesto on linguine. The atmosphere is pretty bad - lots of people standing around at the bar. And the wine list is really horrible. But I think it would be ok for a weeknight dinner.

      1. The seating was a little uncomfortable, but I had the pork tenderloin special last night and thought it was fantastic. My friend had the jerk chicken, which was very good but very spicy. We'd both go back, as we liked the food a lot.

          1. It's owned by the same people who own Holy Frijoles on the Avenue, so you can judge if you'd like it from that. I enjoyed it -- it's definitely still pretty new and has some kinks to work out -- but I think the food is enjoyable and reasonably priced. I think it aspires to be a neighborhood place, not a destination restaurant, which is fine by me. I like that good restaurants are creeping off the Avenue a bit, into the residential areas.

            My only objection, which Large did point out in her review, is that it's really incredibly smoky. The bar is smack dab in the middle of the restaurant, and there's no partion or anything. Bring on the no smoking ordinances!!!

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            1. re: pomme de terre

              It is now "no smoking" from 5pm when they open to 9pm.

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                god, holy frijoles has gone so far downhill. It bears no resemblance whatsoever to the restaurant that it used to be (i used to go there regularly). It is now just a bar.
                I want to try out this new place- went by there the Sat before last but they don't open till later (i think we went by around noon). I hope the food is better than holy frijoles...

                1. re: mgarland

                  At least the bar at HF is pretty decent. I agree the food has become so awful that I wouldn't venture past chips & salsa at this point.