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Jan 26, 2007 04:45 PM

Good food in Indy?

i have lived in indy for 16 years and still have i yet to find a goodbut cheap non chain restaurant please give me some feedback!!!!!

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  1. Lots of topics have already been created about Indianapolis eating, answering the same question as yours. For example, check these out:

    1. There are many inexpensive ethnic restaurants around Michigan Road and 86th.
      For pizza, Bazbeaux is not much more expensive that a chain pizza place but they have many more choices. Is Mellow Mushroom in Carmel a chain? It's a fun place, decor-wise with sandwiches, pizza, pasta. I like that you can get seitan "meat" there.

      if you're looking for hidden holes in the wall with good, really cheap food, I can't help you!
      Do check out the other threads for more ideas all over the city.

      1. I think Indy is a fairly good food town. See the earlier threads :) and post more detailed questions as they arise.

        1. Get yourself to Yats!! Locations on College Avenue and downtown on Mass. Ave.

          Bazbeaux is great -- their creamy basil salad dressing is a favorite. Pizza crust is always just right and there are lots of choices for toppings. It's a favorite: Broad Ripple or (again) Mass. Ave.

          1. cheap eats in indy worth your time: Taste cafe is the best bang for the buck for quality food. yats is a starchy but very flavorful meal for 5 bucks. other than that it's becoming adventurous and seeking the hole and the wall, ethnic eateries---many of them found in stripmall 'no-lands'. la parada for mexican, luxor for middle eastern/greek, red key tavern for one of the best burgers in town and giogios for slices of pizza to name a few. there are others but it is more difficult to weed out the over-priced, over-chained, and pretentious establishments in this town.