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Jan 26, 2007 04:44 PM

My Chow... looks great. One more suggestion

First, after a bumpy start, I just wanted to go back on record saying that I love the new My Chow pages, since now I can see LOTS of former threads, not just the 10 latest. Very helpful and very useful. Thanks for making the change - so many of us appreciate that.

I do have one more suggestion. I noticed that the most recent posts automatically pop to the top. That's usually fine, but in the case where we might have posted to a monster thread, that thread keeps coming to the top and likely will for days/weeks at a time.

Is it possible to have the option on the My Chow page - just like there is on the normal boards - to have the posts sorted either by "Most Recent Post" or by "Latest Reply"?

The problem is I'm disinclined to contribute to really long threads because they keep crowding out the other threads I've participated in.

Anyhow, that would be awesome.

Thanks again for all the good stuff over the past few days after that bumpy start.

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  1. I agree with everything adamclyde said.

    It's funny how the my chow page has changed how i think about posting to mega threads. I agree that having them constantly float to the top of my my chow page will create even more of a disincentive. Thankfully I generally stay clear of the monster chat fests.

    1. I've started noticing it, too. Slightly annoying, but rose water is right - I will think twice before posting on monster threads. Some threads grow after I've posted, in which case....(sigh)

      One more question. If this has been mentioned elsewhere, please just ignore it.
      May I see more posts in MY CHOW, not just the most recent? It seems to stop at the end of the page, and no option shows up for the next page. Thanks, team.

      1. one thing that improved with this week's big site changeroo was that my chow now includes many many more posts. so though having a post on my chow changes how i think about what threads i post to, at least we're not constrained by 10 posts like we were before.

        1. Maybe the answer is to factor in the time that's passed since the user's last contribution to the thread. If it's been a few days? A week? have it move to the top when replies land. If it's beeen a while, mark it as having new replies, maybe a little differently, in the spot it would occupy down the list if it hadn't been replied to at all.

          1. You are so right.

            The great thing about the adjustments is that my screen now looks as it did before, thanks to the little background color thingy on the top right hand corner ('Theme'). In fact, it looks very good. And the RED IS GONE, ha ha.

            As you say, the curiously punctuated 'my CHOW' is back to normal, and even better, with a little 'new' flag on the subject line, which is a big improvement over the former yellow highlighting.

            True, the funky Boards are still on the right hand side, a jumble of TyPogRapHy. But by clicking on the little menu arrow of the Boards, above, we're able to look at the boards, pretty much as we did before.

            So, it may have been painful. And it caused a ruckus. But thanks CH Team for getting us back on track.

            - Sean