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Jan 26, 2007 04:35 PM

Echigo Omakase lunch special

Echigo on Santa Monica and Bundy has a great $12 lunch special. The sushi is reminiscent of (and I believe far better than) Sasabune (formerly on Sawtelle). It is a great deal indeed.

I went to Echigo for lunch today and they now offer an Omakase lunch special that was amazing!! Toro, Skip Jack, seared Butterfish with miso paste, Yellowtail with a dollop of jalepeno relish, blue crab hand roll, and a few others. It was amazing.


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  1. How much is the omakase lunch special?

    1. 12 or 13 per person but we've been known to get 3 orders. it is great. they've had it for a long time...

      1. I believe the 12 or 13 is the lunch special. That consists on tuna, yellowtail, albacore, salmon, halibut, and their blue crab hand roll.

        Omakase is chef's choice and serves you until you say when. There is no way that you can get Toro, skipjack, butterfish, their blue crab hand roll and a few other pieces for $12 or $13 bucks.

        I am curious on how much it is as well. Kiriko has one for $27.50. I would guess it would be around $30.

        AKSLA2006 could you share with us how much it was?

        1. Sorry guys. I just logged back on. I will check the price and get back to you. It was an 8 piece special Omakase. We were not served until we said "no more." My boss paid for the lunch, but i am pretty sure it was under 20 per person.

          1. I just had Echigo for lunch this week. I had heard about it from my boss and another co-worker. Now I know not to take their reccs on what good sushi is - actually their description was that it's the best sushi in LA. The plaza location doesn't bother me, but the place itself, inside, does. I don't even want to start with that though, too much to criticize and besides, good food is good food no matter where it's served.

            Talking about the food...the cuts of fish were thin and wimpy. I didn't mind the rice being noticably warm, but I did mind that it had too much vinegar. Not that it tasted too vinegry, but it was too wet (aka fell apart picking the sushi up w/out even dipping in any soy sauce). The quality of the fish, in my opinion, was comparable to what you get at Ralphs. The blue crab hand roll gets the least of my criticism. That being said, it's not spectacular. It was only the best thing Echigo served.

            I had my problems w/ their presentation as well.

            Even though the lunch special is only $12 (which is what I had), it's definitely not worth going to. If I want cheap sushi, I'd rather go to Nijiya Market on Sawtelle and Olympic. At least at the market, I'm satisfied with what my $12 gets me.

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            1. re: waterisgood

              So true, waterisgood. You hit the nail on the head.

              1. re: waterisgood

                you missed the boat. but yes it isn't for everyone//

                i'm going today b/c it is worth it

                1. re: epop

                  I used to do the Special but now when I do go to Echigo (which is hard to do with Kirko, Sasebune, Mori all in the local proximity) I sit at the bar and order Omakase for 30- and am much happier. The Fish is much better and you leave full instead of having to order two lunch specials for 24-.

                  1. re: russkar

                    If you not spending your time and money at Sushi Zo you're wasting both.

                    1. re: tony michaels

                      10-4 on that. I may have to sneak away to Zo for lunch today.

                      1. re: zoomchic

                        i greatly prefer zo to sasabune. i wish i'd had one meal in the new place that demonstrates what you're saying below.

                        as for echigo, i've never left zo for less than a hundred, omakase at lunch, + sake.

                      2. re: tony michaels

                        We go to Zo also but aren't as blow away as other Posters. Prefer Sasabune Chef's Tasting menu for 75- any day.

                        1. re: russkar

                          Ditto that.

                          Sasabune gets waaayy too much harsh criticism on these boards ...

                          1. re: ipsedixit

                            Do you have to sit at the bar in order for Sasabune to be worth it? I ask because we went and sat at a table and ordered the $75 omakase and it was apparent that at least some of the fish was pre-cut. Maybe our bad for ordering at a table, but still disappointing.

                            1. re: mollyomormon

                              The nearly a dozen or so times I've been to Sasabune (old and new location) I have only sat the bar ... sorry, can't help you out.

                              1. re: mollyomormon

                                The best way to experience Sasabune is to request Nobi at the Sushi Bar and order the CHEF'S Omakase which is 75- at lunch.
                                I don't understand the concern about pre-cutting the fish. It actually has benefits regarding the texture and helps get the surface dryer which creates a little firmness especially if it's going to be brined or sprayed with Sake (little known Sushi Secret). I've watched Hiro (Urasawa pre cut on several occasions, just depends on the type of fish and when he's serving it?).

                                1. re: russkar

                                  Thanks! that's the exact sort of tip I was looking for!

                            1. re: tony michaels

                              Trying to decide between Zo and Sasabune is like trying to decide whether you prefer oxygen or water.