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Jan 26, 2007 04:34 PM


I miss crawfish. The season is starting and I'm craving crawfish. Any place in the DC balt. region that serves crawfish boil type of a meal?

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  1. I would kill for crawfish bread :)

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    1. re: jpschust

      Not had crawfish bread. What is it? two years ago loyola alumi club did a crawfish boil but not sure if it is a yearly thing.

      1. re: Soup

        Think of a crabcake spread thin on good bread and then baked. I get it at Jazzfest every year in NOLA

    2. i do not know of anyplace that does them live--you can get crawfish tails at many seafood stores and make your own crawfish bread (or crawfish monica for those jazz festers out there)--these are often chinese crawfish, but the taste is ok for these prepared dishes.

      I have also seen them at main avenue, but not live.

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      1. re: MTP

        I bought them live at Maine Avenue last summer for a crawfish/crab boil. But they're usually frozen in pillow packs.

        1. re: MTP

          mmmmmmmmmmmmmmonica at jazz fest. Now that I am drooling for some, any ideas how to obtain some (i seem to remember seeing kits on line) or recipe suggestions.


          1. re: MrsWheatie

            If you want to find some good recipes for Crawfish Monica get on the Times Picayune website. They have an index of recipes for folks who lost all their cookbooks in Katrina.

            For good crawfish in DC I am not sure it is possible. Every year I have friends who have tried to get some good live ones flown up and it never really works well. The only time I have ever had great crawfish is at the Loyola Alumni crawfish boil and they do that every year (already past this year, I believe though).

        2. Old Hickory Grille on Route 50 in Falls Church has quite a few crawfish dishes, but I think they're all fried, not a suck-the-heads-dry meal option. Still pretty tasty though, and a nice neighborhoody place. Huge, Southern-inspired menu.

          1. I would pay a lot for a throw the newpaper on the table and have a roll of papertowels nearby crawfish boil around here.

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              Like the post above, you can get LIVE crawfish/crawdads at the Maine Ave. seafood wharf. not always, only in season. you can even get the zaitarans seafood boil stuff around here. RIP Acme Seafood of New Orleans! Hope you come back.

            2. You can have live ones shipped in, pick up at National Airport, co-worker did that once and had a boil in his backyard, ya'll...