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Jan 26, 2007 04:33 PM

Freezing horseradish?

Can you successfully freeze horseradish? I love the fresh stuff but never finish the whole root and end up having to throw it away. It is very fibrous so I'm concerned that freezing it would break up the fibers and turn it to mush. I'd prefer not to grate it first, as that would undoubtedly destroy a lot of its blow-your-head-off pungency.

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  1. On the contrary, we routinely grate it in season, prepare is as khrein (mix of HR & white vinegar) and stick it in the freezer. Excellent pungency six months down the road.

    1. Opinions really vary on this issue, which is natural given the unmatchable beauty of the freshly made pungency. It's really a matter of "how close to super-fresh" do you want?

      My approach is several tiered: buy some root, use some fresh, use some refrigerated for the next few weeks, then pull out the jar I've frozen. If the frozen is too weak, then it's time for more root.

      The fresh root lasts longer if stored in a ziploc with a paper towel, unwashed.

      Freezing the fresh, unground root is self defeating, because like you said the cells will burst and start the reaction without the benefit of vinegar to fix.

      This link below is the method I follow. Be sure to freeze in glass, as it is corrosive. If the jar has a metal lid, use a saranwrap gasket.

      1. i do it with ginger; grate whatever i need and put it back in the freezer.