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Outdoor Dining With Dogs

Ok, ok... I know it's cold out there but thinkin' towards Spring, I'd like to hear about all those restaurants, cafes, etc. that allow dogs in their outdoor seating area. I know most places allow dogs to be tied to the outside of the partitions, but I'm looking for places that are comfortable with allowing dogs to sit near their owners inside the enclosed area as long as they are well-behaved. I am particularly interested in Midtown West, UWS and UES but I'd love to hear about additional nabes as well. THANKS!!

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    1. re: steve h.

      thanks, steve h. i've never tried shake shack but have been waiting for it to re-open after reading many grea reviews. anyone else have a place to add?

      1. re: nativeNYer

        In addition to being dog friendly, they actually have something for dogs on their menu: the Pooch-ini. It's a small serving of frozen custard with peanut butter and dog biscuits. My friend's ordinarily stoic pug shakes all over when he sees it.

        1. re: ballulah

          very, very cute! thanks so much. i'll let you know if my shih tzu jumps with glee.

    2. Some places where I've seen dogs outside w/o enclosure:

      Cornelia Street Cafe (the Village)
      Pescalou, Island, Vico (all Madison between 92nd and 93rd)
      La Goulue (Madison & 65th?)
      Bottega del Vino (Madison and 59th)

      None of these places have enclosures and I believe that if a restaurant has an enclosure, they are not permitted to allow dogs w/in the enclosure.

      1. Many thanks, MMRuth . I didn't know that any of these places, w/o an enclosure, allowed dogs to hang.

        1. Two places in the E. 90s on the UES are Barking Dog and Fetch. Both provide drinking bowls for dogs and good to average american lunch/dinner fare.

          1. Can anyone cite the health code that prohibits dogs from sitting in an outdoor "enclosure"? I have tried to find it on Westlaw but I come up with nothing. Does it exist?

            Dogs are permitted outside at French Roast on 6th Ave and 12th, The Coffee Shop in Union Square, and the boat basin on the UWS. There is also a fantastic little diner-place in alphabet city, but I can't remember the name. I'll let you know if my friend knows.

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              good question, nikki NYC . the City Statute is Section 8125, Article 81 of the Health Code. according to the statute, restaurants can use their discretion as to whether or not they allow people to sit outside with their dogs. i think many restaurants are concerned they will lose business from their non-dog-living patrons. although i am a dog lover, i respect the fact that not everyone wants dogs hanging around when they eat. thanks for your suggestions.

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                When I tried to have brunch w/ my dog at French Roast at that location that summer, they wouldn't let my dog sit w/n the enclosure.

                1. re: MMRuth

                  Sometimes, at all of these restaurants, I think it depends on which manager is on. Just as people have the right to now want a dog near there table, people have the right to want to dine outside with their dogs a few months out of the year. I respect the non-dog peoples' right to eat indoors if it's that big a deal to them.

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                    Technically, I don't think that dog owners have a "right" to eat outside with their dogs - much as I wish we did! Certainly makes sense that it would depend on the manager.

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                It's called 7A (better late than never, right?).

              3. Zum Schneider is extremely pet friendly.

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                  I concur with Zum...it used to be my favorite brunch place with my fox terrier aside from the Shake Shack. Most of the other places on Ave. C allow dogs to be beside their owners in the outdoor area. It also depends on your fellow diners. Most of the EV people are generally into dogs .

                  1. re: csw

                    Just an update. If things haven't changed from last fall, the ZS now has a no dog policy. One of the waitresses told me that someone refused to leash their dog and a busboy ended up being bitten. After that the owner just said "no dogs". I'm not sure if that policy has been relaxed, but it would be best to check first. It's truly a shame, because that was one of my (and my dog's) favorite places to pass a nice summer Sunday afternoon.

                  2. bowery bar they have a heated area that you can bring your dogs into now. I was there recently with my two boxers. not great food but was a good way to be out with my dogs

                    1. Upper East Side - I bring my beagle within the partition (sometime even on the lap...I know she's to big to be a lap dog, but that's a dog's life). Cafe Med and Mediterraneo on 2nd Ave and 66th. Also, there's a whole bunch of rests on 2nd Ave in the mid-70s that totally allow you to bring dog inside partition. Uva on 77th and 2nd and Zucchero and Pomodori (75th and 2nd?). UES, we have found, to be very doggie friendly and we have never had a problem when we ask to bring the dog. Good luck.

                      1. If you're up in Fort Tryon in Washington Heights, the New Leaf Cafe has a couple of tables set up in front of the restaurant, and I heard these are there specially to accomodate dog owners. They have a separate outdoor enclosure that you can only reach by passing through the restaurant, but these tables are separate. Before they did that, I would get take out and hunker down with my dog and an omlette on a bench outside. They were very sweet, they weren't really set up for take out, and they would give me real silverware and a linen napkin on the honor system, and I would bring them back when I was done.

                        I think Tubby Hook (is that the name), the little picnic-ky, outdoor bar in the marina at the end of Dyckman is also dog friendly.

                        1. Barking Dog 34th and 3rd

                          1. if you are ever in brooklyn the pit stop on columbia not only allows dogs to eat with their patrons in the beautiful garden - they allow them to bring their children too...

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                              this is all really great. keep'em coming. thanks so much . french roast could not have been accomodating when i went. i agree it must be the manager unless it's a small/big dog thing. MMruth, is your dog on the small side?

                            2. Great topic, nativeNYer. I just stopped in to research the same question. preciate you asking several months before me!

                              A few places on the UWS: cafe con leche, fred's and, of course, the boat basin cafe. Hampton Chutney doesn't have real outdoor seating, but I've stopped by with my dog after our morning runs on the weekend and enjoyed a dosa with him sitting next to me on the benches out front. A few of the Italian places we've tried on Amsterdam also were pretty accomodating--though we've only tried at brunch or lunch time. I have a medium sized dog.

                              Would love to hear all your finds, too!

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                              1. re: cimui

                                Just found this list on dogfriendly.com:

                                79th Street Boat Basin -West 79th Street New York
                                Allegria -1350 Ave of the Americas New York
                                Amaranth Restaurant -21 East 62nd St. New York
                                Amish Market -17 Battery Place New York
                                Barking Dog Luncheonette -1453 York Ave New York
                                Cascina -281 Bleecker St New York
                                Da Rosina Ristorante -342 W 46th St New York
                                Dolci on Park Caffe -66 Mercer St New York
                                F &B Gudt Food Restaurant -150 East 52nd St New York
                                F &B Gudt Food Restaurant -269 W 23rd St New York
                                Fratelli Ristorante -115 Mulberry St New York
                                Grey Dog's Cafe -33 Carmine St New York
                                Heartland Brewery & Beer Hall -93 South Street at Fulton New York
                                Il Porto -11 Fulton Street New York
                                New Leaf Cafe -1 Margaret Corbin Drive New York
                                Phillip Marie Restaurant -569 Hudson New York
                                San Martin Restaurant -143 E 49th Street New York
                                Sidewalks -94 Avenue A New York
                                Sorrento Restaurant -132 Mulberry St New York
                                Zocalo -174 E 82nd Street New York

                                I'd call ahead to be safe, though. I don't think Gray Dog is actually very dog friendly anymore. They have biscuits at the counter, but no space for dogs (or humans) to sit outside to speak of.

                                1. re: cimui

                                  Wow!!!! Countless thanks, cimui!!! This list is greatly appreciated!! I just attempted to track down another list that we had created on another message board . Since I was unable to find it, I sent a message to the organizer who is typically very responsive. Here's hoping I can shoot off a list to you shortly. I'll post it here as a continuation to this thread. THANKS AGAIN!!!

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                                  When we've eaten on the outdoor patio at Tabla's Bread Bar, I've seen people with dogs there. The patio is not enclosed, so the people kept the dogs at their table. On a leash, of course.

                                  1. re: RGR

                                    ok. this is very good. i've read your recent posts on this place and have been wanting to try it. guess i can try bringing the dog. thanks!!!!

                                    1. re: nativeNYer

                                      I wouldn't quite describe my visits to Bread Bar as recent. I'm trying to recall when the last time was that we were there. I think 2005? Whatever... I wouldn't hesitate to go back, so you and the pooch should give it a try.

                                      P.S. I hope you are confusing my raves about Devi with Bread Bar. Huge differences. Bread Bar's Indian fusion cuisine is tasty, but it isn't in the same league as Devi's superb cuisine, which is truly Indian. Bread Bar is the casual, small plates side of Tabla, while Devi is upscale and elegant and, of course, no dogs allowed.

                                      1. re: RGR

                                        My apologies, RGR. I've been reading lots of posts re Indian food lately, and apparently, I've mistakened you for someone else who has mentioned Bread Bar. If I had more energy, I'd attempt to track down the posts but the search engines are a bit tiring. Anyway, thanks again.

                                        1. re: nativeNYer

                                          No apologies needed, nativeNYer. There is a good chance I've suggested Bread Bar in answer to queries on other threads recently. So, you might have seen those. But, as I noted, no recent *reviews* from me. I

                                3. cafe mogador and cafe orlin, both on st.mark's place, allow dogs within their sidewalk enclosures (or used to), and i think leon on 12th st and 1st avenue does as well.

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                                  1. re: wleatherette

                                    cimui and all,
                                    as promised, here's the list i mentioned aboved. not sure how many are repeated from cimui's list. i just cut and pasted these from a number of posts that were generated when i asked the same question on another board: the organizer kindly found the message in archives from January 2007.

                                    the Tribeca Grand and the Soho Grand Hotels allow dogs for brunch in their lounge .
                                    Cipriani's - West Broadway and Spring Street
                                    Fetch, on Third Avenue between 92-93rd Street,
                                    Mineral Spirngs Cafe (in Central Park),
                                    the outside area of the Boathouse Cafe (in the back, you can bring the food from the take out there),
                                    Uptown Lounge (3rd Avenue (bet. 88th and 89th),
                                    East River Cafe on First Avenue,
                                    Cinema Cafe on Second Avenue and 71st Street,
                                    Boat Basin Cafe (only open in the summer),
                                    Barking Dog Luncheonette (3rd Ave and 95th St.; 34th St. & Lex., York Ave. & 78th Street)

                                    1. re: nativeNYer

                                      Thank you, nativeNYer. This makes my day. =)

                                  2. another list, from http://www.petaholics.com/new-york-ci... --

                                    Barking Dog Luncheonette 1678 Third Avenue Pets allowed in outdoor caf?; "dog bar" water trough provided for thirsty pets.

                                    Boat Basin Cafe West 79th Street Outdoor restaurant not open during winter

                                    Brasserie Centrale 1700 Broadway Dogs allowed in outdoor patio

                                    Bubby's 120 Hudson Street Dogs allowed at outdoor tables

                                    Corrado Cafe 1013 Third Avenue Dogs permitted outdoors

                                    Costa Azzurra Of Mulberry St. 134 Mulberry St. Dogs are permitted at the outdoor tables

                                    Empire Diner 210 Tenth Avenue Dogs are permitted at the outdoor tables

                                    Pastis 9 Ninth Avenue Dogs permitted (leashed) ouside during summer

                                    Porto Bello Restaurant 208 Thompson St. Dogs permitted at outdoor tables

                                    Cafe Sorrento 132 Mulberry St. Dogs permitted at end tables

                                    Trattoria Spaghetto 232 Bleecker Street dogs permitted in outdoor seating area

                                    Have some hooch while chilling with your pooch at these dog friendly bars.

                                    Tabla's Bread Bar

                                    Cornelia St. Cafe welcomes dogs, provides them a water bowl, and has decent brunch.

                                    Po next door has limited outside seating which is dog friendly.




                                    La Goulue

                                    Bottega del Vino .

                                    Grey Dog's Coffee on Carmine St

                                    A lot of places in the Village and UWS will let you sneak your dog into their outdoor dining sections. On the UWS, specifically, we've done this at Cafe con Leche,

                                    Fred's and Rancho (the wait staff were a tad more reluctant, tho


                                    Von, a wine/beer bar on Bleecker Street (just west of Bowery) allows dogs. In fact, they even have a house dog thats very docile.

                                    UWS french roast

                                    Heartland Brewery



                                    New Leaf Cafe

                                    Philip Marie



                                    Tile Bar

                                    Bar Pomodori


                                    Costa Azzure


                                    Il Porto



                                    71 Irving

                                    Coffee Shop

                                    Friend of a Farmer

                                    Eleventh Street Bar, Double Down, and Ace Bar,

                                    Gavroche on West 14th between 7th and 8th welcomes dogs in their lovely garden, as does Chez Josephine on West 42nd between 9th and 10th.4

                                    Brio on 61st off Lex will let yo

                                    Chipotle on 44th, so perhaps you're in the area -

                                    Christina's on 2nd betw. 33 & 34th

                                    Nico into the Otheroom on Perry St

                                    Luzia's, a Portuguese tapas place on Amsterdam in the UWS. The food was actually pretty good and they were really nice to the pup.

                                    The Brooklyn Brewery

                                    Fred's, Amsterdam and 82 (or something like that) is v. dog friendly, with outdoor seating, although I've never eaten th

                                    the City Statute for outdoor dining with dogs can be found in Section 8125, Article 81 of the Health Code. according to the statut Fiorello's, on Broadway near 62nd

                                    Banjara- 97 1st avenue at 6th street

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                                    1. re: carbs.meet.bacon

                                      You're the best, C.M.B! Thanks so much!

                                      1. re: carbs.meet.bacon

                                        I just called and confirmed, Locanda Verde also allows dogs in their outdoor seating

                                      2. One to add: Bar Six on 6th Ave. a few blocks south of Union Square. There are only four tiny bistro tables in front, but there is no enclosure separating you from the sidewalk pedestrians. That's good insofar as you get to keep your dog near you, right under the table, rather than on the other side of the enclosure Of course you have to contend with the sidewalk crowds, too, though. Food is actually pretty decent and the service excellent: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/4375...

                                        Union Square Cafe
                                        21 East 16th St., New York, NY 10003

                                        Bar Six
                                        502 6th Ave, New York, NY 10011

                                        1. the key is to find a restaurant that has outdoor seating with a barrier that's open - i.e. not a fence or a canvas.

                                          You can take your dog to Barbuto and 10 Downing as long as you sit on the edge next to the open barriers.

                                          10 Downing
                                          10 Downing Street, New York, NY 10014

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                                            1. re: itsmeemily

                                              That's such an old thread. Restaurants in Tribeca all along Greenwich St, and West Broadway have outside dining for dogs. Many have water bowls outside for dogs. My dog drank water at 4 restaurants last night. Finally ended up at Harry's on North End Ave, which has outdoor dining and a bowl of water for the dog. The shrimp parmigiana was excellent.

                                          1. Sumer is icumen in!

                                            Updates for us dog lovers would be very much appreciated. Do any of the places have really good food or better than average ambiance?