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Jan 26, 2007 04:06 PM

Need a fun place to go for B-day on Sat for 10 people

Need it to be inexpensive

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  1. Go to Zum Scneider at 7th and Ave. C. Cheap, good food, good beer, loud party atmosphere.

    1. I just had my birthday dinner at Esperanto in the east village. 9th and Ave. C Definitely affordable and great sure to try the Caipirinhas.

      1. Both recommendations are might be easier for your group to snag a table in Esperanto though. But, you guys always have an option to start partying at Esperanto and moving down to Zum later as they are both on Ave. C and just two blocks apart (Esperanto on Ave. C cor 9th St. and Zum cor 7th St.).

        1. I just had my bday dinner last week for 12 people at Room 18 in Soho. They made it very special for us and set up the back banquet area and gave us our own waitress to attend to everyone. With a lot of alcohol and excellent food, the bill was only about 50.00 per person. I highly recommend this place and there are many wine bars within a block.