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Jan 26, 2007 03:18 PM

Search is almost useless

Hi there, the site is looking much better with my new theme, but searching still seems pretty futile. When I do a search for Long Beach on the LA Board, or even Long Beach Dinner Casual, I get mostly results that have little or nothing to do with Long Beach. Quotes don't help. Some of the threads that are returned don't have a single occurance of the phrase Long Beach. I'm assuming that somewhere in the thread it says "Long" and somewhere else "Beach". Not very helpful. Is there hope for search results with some relevance?

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  1. melly, I whole-heartedly agree. I like the look but I'm searching for recipes for "cinnamon rolls" and I'll be darned if I can get anything that is close. There needs to be some sort of advanced search feature that requires it in the title or 2 words together or something...anything to make the search more relevant.

    1. I may be confused, but before when I searched the results came back with highlights of the words I used ...helping me find the best posts for what I was looking for. Now, I do a search, and I get a list of posts, but no highlighting to help me decide which may be the best for what I am looking for.

      1. Agreed, the new search function is useless. You can't even sort by relevance anymore.

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          Why this was pulled makes no sense. To make things harder on the user? The Revelance/Date filter was a must! Make it so, Chowhound! Please.

        2. I can't find posts I want to return to, that are only a few days old. The search does not prioritize the title of the post, so instead of getting all the posts titled "beet greens", say, you get results for every topic that has the words "beet" and "greens" somewhere in some post.

          1. We are completely (and constantly) re-working search. Expect to see major improvements in the next week or so.

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