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Jan 26, 2007 03:16 PM

Marcel attacked with bottle in Las Vegas

Scary. It was on the Bravo video clip of Sam and Chef Collichio--apparently 2 female fans attacked Marcel "Mr. Whippy-Head" in a lobby in Las Vegas. He needed stitches on his face. Horrifying. Whatever impolitic things he does or says, he doesn't deserve to be attacked!

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  1. There is also a cadre of female admirers who are in love with Marcel, posting on the Bravo blog site.

    1. It was in the Tao nightclub in Vegas, and they weren't admirers. It was a drunk woman who said a few choice words to Marcel, then when he ignored her and turned his back, she beaned him over the head with a wine bottle. He was taken to the hospital and she was arrested.

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        What a moronic thing to do. I hope this goes on her permanent record and affects her job prospects forever. Poor Marcel!!

      2. That's a shame that Marcel was attacked.
        It's only a TV show! I hope the lady spends some time in the clink.