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Jan 26, 2007 03:11 PM

Long Beach Casual and Friendly

Hi all, I'm looking for a place to go tonight with my Husband and a friend (whom I haven't met). Someplace reasonably priced where we can sit and have drinks, some nibbles and decent conversation. Definitely can't be too noisy, since we want to catch-up and I'm not sure how good his English is. I'm from L.A. proper and have no clue about Long Beach. Any recs?

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  1. Fora in Naples, on Second Street. Right next to Kelly's. Good food and a nice wine list.

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      That's a bit more upscale than I was looking for...Think grad students :)

    2. There's never anyone on Biggs (also on 2nd) even though the food is good. You can get a $12 bottle of the house wine. It's pretty good for 12 bucks.

      1. There are actually several places on 2nd street that might fit your bill- there is Open Sesame for Lebanese (one of my favorites), La Creperie for crepes- they also have live music, Belmont Station for Mexican (could be a little loud depending on if it's a game day), or Naples Rib Company for BBQ (I like this better than Lucille's). Otherwise, you can head to the Pine Ave area where you find your standard chains- Gladstones, PF Changs, Yard House. Not overwhelmingly spectacular food, but it's really nice eating by the water. Also- you may want to consider the Seal Beach area- Koi's is great for sushi, and there are some fun Irish Pubs (O'Malley's, Muldoons) you can also grab a drink, some food, and just hang out...

        1. Theres also a pub in Naples that isn't bad - Limericks 2nd. Food is good. Beer and wine only. The two above mentioned pubs are good as well.

          Its a bit of a bar (I like bars) but the food is very good and it is out of the way, and very affordable - Curleys on Cherry and Willow (north west side, behind the oil rig).
          Burgers, chili. - mixed drinks.

          Joe Josts is also only. dont fear picked eggs! The definition of casual and friendly. Beer only. A long beach classic, actually our only classic.

          There are two good choices on Broadway - LG's on the north side of Broadway past Redondo (accross from The Library) is a good, quiet pub. Across the street is the Reno Room, once a great dive bar till the remodeled, but they have a very small mexican (Coco Reno's) next door/attached that is fairly good mexican.

          otherwise list above is very good.