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Jan 26, 2007 03:08 PM

Reservation for 30 ppl in SFV- where should we go????

We're having a 30th Birthday Party for my friend's husband next Friday & we can't decide where to go! We were originally planning on going to the Spaghetti Factory, but that's not panning out. It would be nice to find something fun & not too expensive that could accomodate a group of that size in the Valley, but Hollywood would be just as good.
Can anyone recommend anywhere? All cuisines are acceptable. Thanks in advance!

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  1. You didn't specify a budget, but should at least check getting one of the private rooms (IMHO, always the best idea) at:

    Roy's - Woodland Hills
    Aloha Room - seats 32
    Ohana Room - seats 35

    1. Thanks for the rec, we'll check it out!
      Anyone else have any ideas?

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        While it's too big to make a reservation on, they have a great roundup of private dining descriptions and contacts:

        You can narrow your list to SFV/Ventura by using the pull-down menu at the top right.

        I will second Roy's, as they have private parties down to a science. However, if the menu doesn't do it for you, you may also want to try Salt Creek Grille.
        Good luck!

      2. Roy's is great, but i don't think it fits the "not too expensive" requirement -- it's vastly more expensive and upscale than the Spaghetti Factory. Something more along those lines would be a Bucca di Beppo. It's a casual and fun place for a large, young group. VERY affordable, the portions are laughably large and great to share. It's not your Angelini Osteria but it seems to fit the bill here.

        As fas as SFV goes, there's one in Encino, Universal City and Thousand Oaks. I would call and make an RSVP immediately for such a large group on such short notice.

        Have fun!

        1. Try Bistro Garden, food is great and they did a great job for our 25 person party in the main dining hall, though priv. room available if you like that... The chocolate soufle is a must.

          1. Our family did Bucca for New Years which worked out great. If chinese insterests you -always a good meal for groups, try the Lotus Inn in Woodland Hills (Topanga and Ventura). The food is wonderful and reasonably priced. For Persian, Shamshiri (for sure) rice and shishkabobs (grilled meats) -lamb, chicken or beef. Sides are soup or salad. Food is the bomb! About 8$ p.p. (Tampa and Roscoe)