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Jan 26, 2007 03:07 PM

Do you kow a good authentic Peruvian restaurant around NYC?

Will drive if needed. Must have great ceviche!


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  1. I went to Mancora for the first time two weekends ago.

    The ceviche was pretty good and there was clearly a south American following there. I don't have an extensive knowledge of Peruvian food, but I think its safe to say this was pretty close.

    Was it awesome food? No. Was it good and inexpensive? Yes. I reviewed it on my website..

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    1. re: dkstar1

      I love love Mancora, though I highly doubt it is authentic. Their tamales are soooo good, I crave them often. With the salad that accompanies them, the corn nuts thingies and the plaintain chips, I can be quite full for little money. Oh and great mohetos.

      1. re: maxine

        I spent some time in Peru. Mancora is for the most part legit.

        It's a probably a bit more "pan-Peruvian" than you'd actually find in Peru because of how diverse and regionalized food is there.

    2. Sipan is amazing, everyone I went with was shocked how tasty & complex Peruvian food is. It's on Amsterdam Ave & 90th or 91st. Nice romantic atmosphere too & very good service.

      1. Lima's taste - I believe there are two locations, one in the East Village and one in the West Village. The food is great!

        1. The best Peruvian places are in Queens. You should do a search on the outer boroughs board and you'll find plenty of better options than the ones in Manhattan.

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          1. re: E Eto

            I agree with Eric, get thyself to Queens. (or Westchester)

            It's too bad La Pollada Laura on Northern Blvd. closed.They had some great ceviches, and jalea too.

            1. re: JMF

              also try Brooklyn - Coco Roco has one of the best peruvian menus, great rotisserie.

              1. re: secondbecky

                I went there several years ago and was highly underwhelmed. I remember being served something that was charred (something with liver, I think), and their pollo a la brasa was unimpressive. Has it improved drastically in the interim? I understand they USED to be good, quite some time ago.

          2. Flor de Mayo had perhaps the best aji de gallina I've had in Manhattan... which is always a good indication (imo at least) of great Peruvian, but we've only had it as delivery. Didn't try their ceviche. There are 2 loctions, one in the 100s and Bdwy and another in the 80's and Amstrdm. The one in the 80's (to my understanding) has an exclusive peruvian chef.

            PioPio for the chicken alone is delicious.

            Mancora was good, their ceviche delicious and they had a few varieties to choose from, but I found it hard to believe that it was truely authentic (at least as authentic as what my peruvian grandmother would serve).

            The outer bouroughs, specifically Queens, is where you'll find probably the most authenic Peruvian, though if you don't want to travel there are plenty of options that will do in Manhattan.