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Jan 26, 2007 03:03 PM

[DFW] Mr. Wok in Plano
Guidelive also reviewed them:

I've been meaning to write about this place for a while, so now that I've got some time, I'll do a quick write-up. I'm very surprised that there isn't buzz about this place on this site!

I did a quick search and the only thread I saw was a quick mention about their ramen, so I'll go into further detail: The ramen is superb and they have so many varieties! The portions are generous and you definitely get your money's worth. I recommend their Tom Chung, Combination, or Seafood ramen. If you decide to pick up an appetizer, the cinnamon egg roll is a good bet, it's very different from a typical eggroll. The seafood calamari is another excellent appetizer.

I try to have a different dish every time I go, but it's really hard to do, especially after having their mango shrimp. Their Americanized dishes are prepared much better than any other take-out restaurant. Another must-try is their sesame chicken, which is a vastly different from any other restaurant's sesame chicken.

Bottom line: you can't go wrong with anything on their menu, whether you order something Traditional or Americanized. I know almost all of the items I've listed are their signatures, but I can't help it, I just like their signature dishes that much! I still haven't gotten to try their Peking Duck which you have to order 24 hrs in advance, and I hope to do so soon.

It's located a little east of 14th and Jupiter's intersection:

2600 E. 14th Street
Plano, Texas
(972) 881-1888

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  1. Thanks for the review and recommendation, Air. I'll have to try it soon.

    1. This is my go-to in Dallas for ramen (of course, it pales in comparison to some I've had in Tokyo and San Francisco; beggars can't be choosers). The cha han is also solid.

      1. I'm sorry, but I have to disagree. We tried Mr. Wok a couple of months ago and it was a big disappointment. It was second to the worst ramen I've ever had (The worst one was in SoCal.) I don't know how the chef could have had a restaurant in Chinatown in Yokohama with that ramen. The soup wasn't even hot! We didn't like the sesame chicken, either--too sweet. I tried their steamed buns at the Japanese festival in 2005 and they weren't good, either.

        I hear their sister restaurant, Kang's Cafe, was better (now closed).

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        1. re: kuidaore

          Are there any other places in Dallas that you can recommend? I've been looking for more places that even serve it. . .

          1. re: kuidaore

            Every time I've had ramen at Mr. Wok, it's always come out steaming, so I don't know what happened during your visit. And like vktp said, beggars can't be choosers, so I'm pretty happy with what Mr. Wok has to offer.

            So just curious, how would you rate Genroku's udon?

            1. re: air

              I got the impression that Mr. Wok's ramen was closer to Chinese noodle soup than Japanese ramen. The bowl was filled with soup (too much soup).

              Never tried udon at Genroku. As a typical Osakan, I'm VERY fussy about udon and almost never order it at restaurants. (I make pretty good udon myself.) In general, you find better udon in western Japan and better soba in eastern Japan.

              Some of the Japanese dishes at Genroku are very good, though. I kept asking a waitress, "Did the chefs used to live in Japan?"

          2. I've been in search of exceptional ramen for years. It's hard to find even in Japan. I'm just looking for "acceptable" ramen in DFW, though. I'll let you know if I find one.

            In the local Japanese newspaper, a place called Pearl in Grapevine advertises. It says 30 (Japanese favorite) flavors are served. 1601 W. Northwest Hwy 817-481-8664

            Your post on Tampopo saved my trip there. Thanks!

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            1. re: kuidaore

              I tried the ramen at Sushiyama last time I was there. It was salty; that's about all I can say about it.

              1. re: vktp

                Ajisen in Chinatown in Richardson should be open by now. It wasn't open yet 2-3 weeks ago when we were there, but they advertise in the Japanese paper (looks authentic). They supposedly have 13 flavors, incl. shoyu, miso, tonkotsu, tantanmen, kimuchi and shrimp chili. They also serve kushiyaki and sushi. Pls report if any of you go there.

                We tried Sushiyama last night. Their dishes are very authentic and good. Their sushi wasn't bad, but TINY! (Why is the sushi so small in Dallas? I've never had such small sushi in Japan or elsewhere.)

                1. re: kuidaore

                  I'll make sure to check out Ajisen sometime, thanks for the tip.

            2. I went to Mr Wok back over christmas. my sister in law wanted duck. for the most part, it was pretty good. nothing like my dad cooks it though. they carve the duck for you at the table. the bing was a little thin for my taste, but I'm used to my parents cooking. after they carve the duck, they take the bones and make soup. the soup was really good! the duck itself was ok, but a little light on flavor and a little tough. but, we'd probably go back if dad doesn't feel like cooking... lol.

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              1. re: M_in_OC

                Do you live in OC? We moved from OC to Dallas 18 months ago. Do you go to Sam Woo on Culver (not the one on Jeffrey)? Our favorite--we have been able to duplicate most of our favorite dishes at First Chinese, but not Supreme Soy Sauce Chow Mein.

                You have to try Sesame Chicken at Sagami (a Japanese takeout place in Crossroads Shopping Center on Culver) if you haven't. It's different from Chinese sesame chicken, but the best sesame chicken I've ever had in my life. I know the owner and it's her mother's recipe. I used to take out three orders every time.

                There's also India Cook House on Culver--the best lamb korma on earth!