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Great authentic Peruvian restaurant near NYC?

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Any ideas?
I know and love El Iman in Elisabeth but looking for something new

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  1. There is this Peruvian restaurant in NY in the East Village

    99 1st Ave
    New York, NY 10003 at 6th st

    It's pretty good.


    1. What do you mean by near NYC? IN NYC? Westchester?

      In Westchester county you have several in Portchester and a few in White Plains. Same goes for Queens. I haven't found any of the ones in Manhattan to be much good. Tell us your location and travel parameters.

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        I'd be interested to hear what you've Peruvian resaturants of merit you've found in White Plains.

        1. re: NickM

          El Miski, it's on W. Post Rd in an old, cool 1950's style diner. Everything I've had from ceviche to jalaea to bistek with green spaghetti and more has been great.

          I forget the names of the two other places I have been to in WP, but El Miski is the deal.

          1. re: JMF

            DARN. I was just there today, looking for something new to try, but wasn't feeling bold enough to pick something out of the hat. Right near White Plains Hospital.

      2. You have a lot of options in Jersey. Try the Market Street area of Paterson. There are some in Passaic too.

        1. Acuario in Portchester is excellent as well.
          137 Irving Ave

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            I enthusiastically second Acuario! There are several awesome cerviches and many other fish and seafood options, as well as a variety of meat dishes. The daily specials are usually worth checking out.

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              Acuario's spicy green sauce they serve with the bread is simply amazing! I douse it over my beef saltado.

              Too bad they don't serve Pollo a la Brasa. I have to head to Misti for that or better yet, Flor de Mayo in the city.

              1. re: pabboy

                The sauce is Aji Verde and is very easy to make. Just queso blanco or ricotta cheese, mayo, olive oil, and lots of jalapenos run through the blender. You can also add cilantro and lime juice.

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                  Sounds like I'll be breaking in the new blender this weekend! Thanks!

            2. Oh! Calamares! , Kearny Ave. Kearny NJ, they liquor license too, their ceviche is the best

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                oh, i've seen this place and wondered how it was. the peruvian population in kearny has gotten really large in recent years, so i've assumed for some time that good-to-great peruvian restaurants have been popping up in that area.

                if anything, i'd assume that kearny, east newark, and harrison would have some of the best peruvian food in the entire region.

                thanks for the tip. hopefully i'll be able to try some other places in that area soon.

              2. Cholos in New Rochelle is great peruvian. And if you look closely you will see the mayor of New Ro in there!

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                  I tried Cholos yesterday. had the anticuhos (beef heart) in a spicy red pepper sauce. One of the best renditions I have had.

                  Ceviche pescado. Very nice, tasty, but slightly lacking something, but with the addition of a bit of the fresh aji verde it was very good. The aji verde was really, really good.

                  Beef barley soup, I thought it would be spicy and tasty because it had a red oil floating on top but it was mild and just good not great.

                  Bistek Apanado, mildly marinnated, breaded and deep fried pounded steak. This was good but not great. Served with just white rice, a better side would have improved it.

                  I wanted to try the Jalea (lightly battered fried seafood) but the oreder was for two and the two of us wouldn't have been able to finish it so I ordered the Chicharron de Langostino (fried shrimp) the shrimp weree small and overcooked to the point of no taste and all crunch so they were dry. The fried sweet plantain were good but they were too sweet and didn't include the fried yuka listed on the menu which would have balanced the sweet, the onion salad wasn't tart enough and needed a healthy dose of aji verde to pick it up.

                  The chicha morada was good, a bit on the sweet side and not enough spices but a good drink. They have a wide variety of very tasty fruit smoothies.

                  All in all, a very nice place with an attractive yellow and orange decor. I will have to go back several times to see what they are like for other dishes. The other customers seemed to be enjoying their dishes a lot.

                  I feel they don't beat out El Miski in White Plains and I will have to do another visit to the Portchester Peruvians to see how they are doing since I felt they were falling flat the past few years (Except Acuario which has been consistantly great on my last few visits.)

                2. mayor of new ro? Wow, that would awesome!!! why anyone would care about that is beyond me.

                  1. Not near NYC but up in Newburgh is Machu Piccu which is very good as well.