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Tea Room around the LA area?

Hi everyone,

I'm trying to find a nice place, a Tea Room possibly, for the ladies to enjoy a nice afternoon tea. It's for my friend's wedding party basically, so kinda like a bridal shower. She'll have at least 25 people, and she's trying to keep it at a reasonable price.

We saw review about the Scarlet Tea Room, but then it's way too pricy, around $32 per person.

Scarlet Tea Room
18 W. Green St., Pasadena, CA 91105

Her friend already held a tea party at Chado Tea Room in the past, and that was the 2nd best location we have found so far.

Chado Tea Room
8422 1/2 West 3rd Street, Los Angeles, CA 90048

Is there any other places that anyone would recommend? We will greatly appreciate all of your input.

Thx in advance ^_^v


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  1. You might give Tudor House in Santa Monica a call. In addition to the main room, they have a private room that would probably hold that number of people. The spread is not as good as the King's Head (also in Santa Monica), but I'm not sure what the capacity of the King's Head tea room is. Both places have hosted many, many bridal shower teas.

    1. i'm not sure of the cost (i assume high) - but the penninsula hotel is supposed to have an amazing tea.

      my favorite place for tea is the huntington library & gardens. i haven't been for about a year but it's $12 pp and all you can eat!! yummy! entrance to the library is probably about hte same price - so your total would be $24. the grounds are absolutely amazing and the tea room is in the rose garden. it's beautiful. i highly recommend it.

      oh - and it's free admission on the first thursday of each month. . .but you have to get reservations far in advance for that. maybe b/c you have so many people - you can strike some sort of deal. . .

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        The room is very pretty at the Pennisula, but I was impressed by neither the tea nor the food. And it's definitely not inexpensive.

      2. The Ritz-Carlton in Pasadena has a fantastic tea. I highly recommend it. (I have also heard, like a poster before me, that the Penninsula in Beverly Hills has a good tea, but I have not personally tried it).

        1. Another website to try is www.teamap.com. I'm sure you'll find what you're looking for there.

          1. Pacific Dining Car has a lovely afternoon tea. I think it's about 20 dollars.

            1. The Huntington in San Marino is supposed to have a good tea... don't know if they do parties though.

              1. I cannot vouch for it, but what about tea at The Millennium Biltmore, Rendezvous Court. ...?

                "The famed Rendezvous Court, adorned with Moorish carved wood ceilings and gold accents also features travertine stone walls and a rose marble fountain.

                Traditional afternoon tea is served daily from 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm. Tea selections range from Ceylon & India Black Tea to Apricot Cinnamon Herbal Tea. Guests can choose from the Victorian Tea, which includes a pot of tea, a selection of tea sandwiches, freshly baked scones and miniature French pastries. Another option is the Princess Tea, which offers a pot of tea, freshly baked scones and an assortment of miniature French pastries. The Victorian Tea is offered at $22 per person or $26 including a glass of Champagne, Sherry or Kir. The Princess Tea is offered at $18 per person. Tax and gratuity are additional.

                Coffee, hors d'ouevres and cocktails are served throughout the day.

                Operating Hours
                Cocktails and light menu served from 11:00AM - 10:00PM
                Afternoon Tea served from 2:00PM - 5:00PM.
                Reservations are suggested for Afternoon Tea.
                Contact Number: 213-612-1562 "


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                  I did a small tea for a friend at the Biltmore years ago. It was very nice. The hotel parking cost just about as much as the tea (iirc, $24 for tea, $19 for parking). I'd also recommend the Ritz Carlton in Marina del Rey. I don't remember the price, but it was delicious, charming and cozy room overlooking the boats. I gave a baby shower there, and everyone raved.

                2. If you are looking to host a bridal shower for 25 people, I don't know if either place can will accomodate you.

                  For what you get (ie food and ambience), Scarlet Tea Room is not expensive. Start checking around and you'll see. Also, they have plenty of parking.

                  Chado on 3rd isn't bad either, but I don't think you will have enough parking in that area to accomodate 25 vehicles. If you're set on Chado, there is a location in Pasadena which has valet parking.

                  I definitely second the recommendation of pleasurepalate who said to check out www.teamap.com. You'll find many options.

                  Good Luck.

                  1. Jin Patisserie in Venice is a great place for a bridal shower tea party.

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                      Someone recently posted about Jin, which seems to have drawn a flurry of mixed opinions - sounds like it may be a little too nontraditional, as well as controversial when it comes to what one considers to be a place for Tea. Moreover, a party of 25 would take up that whole courtyard, which would also be dependent on good weather... I like the place alot, but I usually only grab cakes, chocolates, and cookies to go...

                    2. If you can go further south to Orange County, there is a lovely old Victorian house that has been converted to a tea house. It is called The McCharles House and it located in downtown Tustin. Wonderful!

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                        Oh this tea house sounds interesting! I took a peek at their website but couldn't really find a menu nor pricing. Do you know the pricing per person here?

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                          I have actually hosted a bridal shower at the McCharles House and it's wonderful. They treat you well, will give you a private room and the food is quite good. If your people will come that far south I recommend it.


                        2. Much appreciate all the comments and suggestions so far. I'll definitely give www.teamap.com a try, and pass the information to my lady friend.

                          BTW, did Pennisula tea myself before, and my comment is the same -- ambiance is nice, but the afternoon tea itself is -_- ....

                          Chowhound rock! Again thx for all the responses. ^_^v

                          1. Try www.teaguide.net, they identify which tearooms do private parties. Not a slick website but good information.

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                              Hmmm...what happened to my other post?

                              Let's get rid of the pesky comma: http://tinyurl.com/29am5w

                            2. You get what you pay for. IMO, Scarlet is worth every penny. Chado I wouldn't pay a nickel for.

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                                I've always had good experiences tea and food-wise at Chado, though service has occasionally been a bit clueless. Scarlet is more of an "experience"...very girly and a little over the top. I'd never take a man there, or anyone who was really hungry--I was especially unimpressed by their "extra sandwiches" offer, which resulted in a surprisingly large add-on to the bill.

                                1. re: LT from LF

                                  I take issue with the "never take a man there" remark. I'm a man, and I go to tea rooms all the time with my wife. Often I'm the only male in the room, but that was not the case at Scarlet. There were more guys there the last time I went than at any other place i've ever been to. I don't consider it "very girly" at all. We are planning to go there for Valentine's day dinner.

                              2. Have you considered Lady Effie's Tea Parlor? I had tea there last year and I really liked the ambiance and the service. The Tea Parlor is in a beautifuly restored house in the East Adams neighborhood and their teas are between $17 and $21 (not including tax and gratuity). You can check out their website below:


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                                  Pleasurepalate is right, Lady Effie's Tea Parlor is a great place to visit. My mother took me there about for my b-day and the experience was great! I had the birtday tea and tried a couple others as well. The service was great because they are very attentive, we informed them that we brought birtday cake (and they were nice enough to put cake in the frige, put the candles in it and serve it.) When you take pics they encourage you to send the pics back to hang on the wall! I have to say, when I left Lady Effie's I had a smile on my face and truly felt that it was a great experince!

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                                    I just went to the Tea Rose Garden in Pasadena and was kinda not impressed by the price you pay for the tiniest finger sandwiches I've eaten. You can order tea for two or get your individual tower. We opted to share an individual and get a regular sandwich with friends. We had a table of 6. There were two couples and two singles. We spent a total of $86 for small ass finger sandwiches that were tasty, cute little desserts, scones, lots of tea, and not a lot of space to sit. I felt that if we are going to spend $86 drinking tea, we should of at least ate like kings.

                                    Yes, I know, this is supposed to be a cute little place where you go hang out with your girlfriends, but come on. I can go to Black Angus and get a huge steak, potatoes, veggies, and dessert for two for that price.

                                    I don't know if it is just because i am not cultured or wasn't into tea parties as a kid, but pay me $86 and I will give you a tea party that you can actually eat at.

                                2. Tea Rose Garden in Pasadena may be more in your price neighborhood for tea (around $20 post tax) and the food's pretty good overall (I like it better than Chado, and love the fact you can choose your own scones!). The only thing I didn't care for is that they automatically tack on the 15% gratuity, no matter how small the party is (of course, since you're doing a party of 25 -- it's pretty hard to imagine a place that wouldn't!) www.trosegarden.com

                                  Jin Patisserie is also good too, but the courtyard seating area is contingent on good weather (and the courtyard actually has been pretty poorly maintained as of late ~ looks kinda grungy and the plants have definitely seen better days.) The afternoon tea is also around $20. www.jinpatisserie.com


                                  1. Hi Kel I actually went 2 weeks ago to Scarlet Tea Room for dinner and it was very nice. It is very pricy but the food is amazing I must say. There are a lot of Tea Rooms and there is another on in Pasadean called The Rose Cottage tree and here is their website.

                                    The Ritz Carlton has one too in Pasadena.

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                                      I was just at the Huntington Library for tea, (for about the billionth time). The price is now $20 per person($25.49 for groups of 8 or more t & t inc.), not $12 or $15 that it used to be, plus entry to the gardens which is still a deal. I haven't been to Tea Rose Garden for a very long time. I held a baby shower there. I wasn't crazy about the not very traditional sandwiches.I like Chado a lot and think it is well priced as well but at HL it is buffett style. I was just at Scarlet Tea Room and all though the execution was beautiful, I didn't get the $$$. Again, I love the presentation but just so I can get 4 finger sandwiches, etc....I'm longing to try the Peninsula but they only serve high tea at 2:30. Too late for me.

                                    2. Hotel Casa Del Mar. It's elegant and whimsical all in one. Gorgeous hotel, views of the Santa Monica beach, wonderful service, ample tea and lots of savory and sweet accoutrements. Delicious.

                                      1. i've tried the peninsula, tea garden, and hotel bel air.
                                        hotel bel air gets my vote! it's very pretty. the service is great. and the food and tea was yummy. i highly recommend this place.