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Question about Kitchen Aid Mixer

Is it normal for my Kitchen Aid Mixer to have pools of oil spilling out of it? My husband called Kitchen Aid and the person said it was normal, especially if it's not used often. The person said to leave it on for 10 minutes or so before each use. So, I'm just wondering if other people have had this problem or if the person at Kitchen Aid was just giving us some BS.

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  1. I've owned Kitchen Aid Mixer for years and never seen any oil spilling, seeping or oozing out of it. Where is this oil coming from? I mean, where is it spilling out of?

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      Mine don't spill but there is a good leak after I've used it I can see it around the base of the mixer? We just don't want it in the food, and I only had mine about 6months:/

    2. Sorry, didn't mean to send that twice (this new site is...). I'd consider calling the company again and asking for a better explanation than "it's normal." Like, what is this oil and how is it going to affect the functioning of the machine?

        1. I found this at the Kitchen Aid website:
          Normally, your mixer has enough lubrication to last the lifetime of the appliance. If through some mishap ( mixer is tipped during shipping or storage) oil leaks from the drip ring or shaft area, it can be attended to at a local authorized KitchenAid repair shop. Losing a teaspoon or 2 is nothing to be concerned about, but if there's 1/4 cup or so lost, your mixer will need repair. You may feel free to contact us at Customer Service for the most up to date listing. Call 1-800-541-6390.

          1. We have a, oh, I dunno, 25 year old unit sitting on the counter. It drips a very small amount of oil out the back onto the counter if you leave the mixing head down. If you leave it titled back, nothing drips. (Weird, eh? Sounds backwards to me, but whatever.) Also does not drip when in use (which actually isn't that often right now, but it was used again yesterday with no troubles). Our solution is just to leave it titled back, heh. Works fine.

            This is a small drip, though. If its "pools", sounds like a repair could be necessary.

            1. That doesn't sound right at all. I've had my mixer for 6+ years and have not seen any oil leaks. And the "solution" of leaving it running for 10 min. before each use is absurd. Call customer service again and be firm about a repair/replacement. Good luck!

              1. a small pool of oil appears below my 6 year old K/aid mixer too. Can't see where it originates from, though it drips down through the stands interior. Usually the pool is about the size of a dime. I've noticed lately that the machine is starting to get a slight grinding sound, otherwise it works fine.

                1. I have owned a ka mixer for approx 8 years. I have had it out on the counter, away in storage for a bit, used it frequent, and not used for sometime. I have never had the issue.

                  1. I've had a KA for almost 25 years, and have never noticed oil coming out of it. It's had periods of almost constant use, as well as long stretches when it hasn't been used at all. . . good luck!

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                      The attachment gear on my KA siezed while rolling pasta yesterday. It is 4 years old but is only a classic plus model. I took it apart and the only problem was the gear shaft. I knocked it out and alternated penitrating oil and parts cleaner for a couple hours and it freed up. I reinstalled it and all is working well.

                      To your point on the oil there is a gasket in there much like any motor. The power head on mine was literally packed with grease. It looked like a block of grease 3 to 4 inches on a aside was installed in there at the factory. I just spread it around a bit and made sure to clean the gasket and power head on reassembly. I also made sure to align the gasket and tighten the screws in a star pattern.

                      The planetary gear and shafts each have o-rign seals on them. If one of those fails you "could" drip liquid grease down the shaft. If you have a factory/KA service center near you and are not mechanically inclined then you ought to have it cleaned and lubed.


                    2. I owned a Kitchenaid mixer for about 10 years. After about 6 years and using it 50 times or less it needed a $95 repair. After another 3 years and less than another 50 uses it developed a horrible, loud screech whenever it was turned on. I am debating between replacement and repair.

                      After many years of rating the KA the top mixer, Cooks Illustrated just moved the Cuisinart to the top spot. Hmmmm...

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                        Yikes, I've had my kitchenaid mixer for 10 years - no leaks.

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                          In the interest of full disclosure of information, they still recommend the KA and consider it a "true workhorse". The Cusinart appeared to win-out due to "a host of modern updates including a digital timer..." (It is also about $50 less than the KA)

                        2. I agree...sounds off to me. Never had my KA leak (knock wood) and i've had it about 7 years, and i've put it through some major trials.

                          When i moved once and had my stuff packed by the movers, i registered my mixer on that special items list (or whatever it's called), to very weird looks from the movers. Once I explained to them that it cost more than both my tv and stereo at the time combined (that were also on the list)...they complied. Gotta be careful with that baby !

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                            Even if it doesn't leak, the grease will need to be replaced. It doesn't last forever.

                          2. My KA was purchased in the 60's, maybe earlier...it was my grandmothers. I've had it since the late 80's and it's never leaked oil.

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                              I have had my KA for about 6 years, the 350W model with the lift, not tilting head of the Artisian (bought it at Costco) and have never had a problem. However, we just had a sausage making party this weekend and one of the woman brought her KA explaining she never used it and although it was now a pretty accessory on the counter, it had been previously stored and on it's side where a pool of oil had puddle. It seemed to be "straining" to grind the meat so one of the husbands took the top of, rub some of the grease around, put it back together and it seemed to work fine after that. We were tallking about KA's in general and were thinking that as with many things, they just don't make them as good as they use to back in the early days! You would have to pry mine of out my cold dead hands though to make me give it up!

                            2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8eKHVv... shows how to take it apart and replace the grease. Doesn't look hard, just messy. Watching it will also make it clear why it's happening. (There's no such thing as grease that lasts forever, basically.)

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                                this is happening to mine as well. since this post is from a while back wondering how it got resolved...

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                                  I watched the video, bought some grease (it's not cheap, something like $20, and you end up buying more than you need), and did the job. It's not hard, and not even that messy.

                              2. I wouldn't know if it is a norm but miners doing it too ! I will. Give it a shot and see if it works, did u try it!!!?

                                1. Wanted to know if u tried to let it run for 10 min. before u used it! And did it work, b cause mine is doing the same!

                                  1. has nobody taken the time to look at the video before they post? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8eKHVv...

                                    The KA Mixer needs gears to work so they need lubrication - so that is where the oil comes in. What, you think it runs on magic??
                                    Just like a bike chain needs to greased every so often, or a car needs an oil change.
                                    So if you don't use it that often oil/grease will separate.

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                                      No need to b a smartass about, when I used mine I used it at least once a week, it worked great, but now there is a light oil seeping out while being used around the base, don't want to use it due to the thought of oil getting into the food being prepared, so I will take the. Phone # someone offered and call to see if they can fix it!

                                    2. I've had my KA mixer since late 60's and have NEVER had any trouble with it. It does not get used every month but it is the only object that gets a permanent place on my counter.

                                      (I have had trouble with the meat grinder attachment (bought in more recent years) and am sorry I bought it.)

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                                        when I used mine I used it at least once a week, it worked great, but now there is a light oil seeping out while being used around the base, don't want to use it due to the thought of oil getting into the food being prepared, so I will take the. Phone # someone offered and call to see if they can fix it!

                                      2. I have had two costco Kitchen aid mixers do this--one after a year and a half, another the third time I used it. Needless to say i returned them both. Very discouraging. The leaking was through the top into the batter bowl. Ruined three batches of cookies. I don't know what to do now, perhaps this is a problem with the Costco model, but twice burned makes me cautious about buying again. My OLD kitchen Aid never did this, had it 12 years and a gear stripped that was no longer being manufactured, or I'd still have it and it would likely still be working fine. They moved their manufacturing to China in the meanwhile. Quality is not the same.

                                        1. Umm, no, that is not normal.

                                          You can break the oil seal (probably not the right term??) by turning the mixer too far from the upright position, as alluded to below, such as to check the serial number. I suspect that has happened. I had to give the # when I called support for reasons I now cannot recall, and caused this damage to my mixer while on the phone with them. The CSR was lucky not to be in the room with me ... it's not a cheap repair. I suppose checking the serial number is a 2-person job. I find it ludicrous that they don't put the serial number in an easily accessible location.

                                          Other than this issue, though, I've been very pleased with my two Kitchen Aids.

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                                            That all sounds good in all, but can I fix this myself by any chance! And btw, Ty for all u r info....

                                          2. tell me why stupid ppl just wanna type something saying they don't know how to answer you!!! :-o
                                            mine was in storage for 5 months-box was stored on its side and had oil/grease all over the cardboard
                                            tried to use it and it grinds-found a video on YouTube how to change the grease at amazon i am ordering a tube of food grade grease(kitchaid also sells it in a LARGE sz) for all kitchen appliances
                                            making my husband take it apart to re-grease it and follow youtube directions
                                            if anyone out there doesnt have any good information for girlygirl just keep your useless words to yourself!!

                                            1. I started another post a few days ago about the recent KA court case--extended warranties for an add'l 2 years (just in case you bought yours in the last year or so, could exchange it for another one).