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Jan 26, 2007 02:52 PM

Grocery Outlet update Jan. 26

just got back from some hunting and gathering at the Grocery Outlet in San Pablo.

*Lindt bars with the pear and almond are still in stock at 99 cents.....
* peanut butter Power Bars are 4 for a buck ....
*Toffee Chocolate Chip Harvest Bars (by Power Bar) are also 4 for a buck.
* Several different varieties of Snickers Bars are also 4 for a buck.
* To offset some of this sugar .... Rye Krisp crackers ( no trans fats ) - 99 cents for a box.
I like the sesame variety.....
*Italian peeled canned tomatoes from San Marzano (?) are 99 cents for a 800 gram tin
( that's 28oz for you non Euro types)
*A Quart of Starbuck's Coffee / Chocolate Chip Ice Cream for $2.49 ....
*Ocean Spray Craisins (dried & sweetened cranberries) - a 6 ounce bag for 69 cents
* large bottle of Sparkling Apple Juice / Martinelli's - for 99 cents

have fun .....

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  1. I tried the tomatoes in a marinara sauce this week. The label was confusing because it doesn't say D.O.P. but some other seal of geographic typicity, so I couldn't be sure what I was getting. They were good, better than say Del Monte but not as good as other San Marzanos I've tried or John Muir.

    Depending on what your use is, that's a good price. I was thinking I'd use them to make tomato beef, where the meat and the curry dominate.

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    1. re: Melanie Wong

      Melanie, thanks for your thoughts about the origins of those Italian tomatoes .... I was wondering about whether they were really San Marzanos or just in the "style" ? I did try a can a few weeks earlier and thought they were pretty good and worth the 99 cents.- I haven't tried any other real San Marzanos so I didn't have any grounds for comparison. Do real San Marzanos always have a D.O.P. or some kind of seal?

      1. re: gordon wing

        Since I wasn't sure how to interpret the label myself, hopefully someone else can answer your questions.

        1. re: Melanie Wong

          Melanie, Petaluma did have Carmelina brand, but they were packed in puree. I have used them a few time and think they are very good, especially considering the price.

          There is a PGI seal on the large tins, but missing on the 400 gr tins. It appears the PGI designation means:

          "In the case of the PGI (Protected Geographical Indication) the geographical link must occur in at least one of the stages of production, processing or preparation. Furthermore, the product can benefit from a good reputation."


          Perhaps meaning the growing was done in the region and processed elsewhere.

          Carmelina has a website and a toll free number, but they close at 4 so I was not able to talk to anyone.

          All in all they are a good value, but I would like to know also seeing that I have stocked upped.


          1. re: RCK

            Thanks much for sharing your follow-up on this! I bought mine at the Santa Rosa location last month, which also had some smaller-sized tomatoes from Carmelina. I haven't popped those open yet. Unlike some other items at Grocery Outlet, the tomatoes weren't short dated, so good for you for stocking up. Always need canned tomatoes in the pantry.

    2. Santa Rosa GO has a new organic/natural section. It's displaced the Hispanic food in the ethnic food aisle. Organic soups, cereal, chips, salad dressing, olive oil, chocolate chips, cookies and packaged mixes are among other "natural" items. It's nice to see the organic groceries gathered together. The organic items in freezer & cheese case come & go.

      1. I was at the Oakland Grocery Outlet at 29th Street and Broadway this afternoon and saw a few specials:
        --Zone Perfect Nutrition Bars, 1.76 oz, Fudge Graham or Peanut Butter, 12 bars for a $1.
        the expiration date is Feb. 1, 2007.
        -- Yves Veggie Ham, vegan, 5.5 oz., about 10 slices, in the refrigerated deli section in the back, 50 cents per package. Expiration date is Feb. 21, 2007.
        --Pria Carb Select Nutrition Bar,chocolate mocha crisp and other flavors, made by Power Bar of Berkeley, 1.23 oz., 4 bars for $1. the expiration date is April 13, 2007.

        In the beer section, there was Christian Moerlein Hefeweizen in a 6-pack of 12 oz. bottles for $3.99. Here is a link to some reviews of the Hefeweizen at Beer Advocate:

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        1. re: zippo

          I haven't tried those zone bars, but my assistant loves them.
          Recently they've had this spreadable Norwegian cheese called Snofrisk that I'm quite fond of. It's 80% goat milk and 20% cow. It's pleasantly tangy yet mellow. When I was in (yesterday or the day before) they had a few with dates in March (some were expired) . I believe it's $1.89 per container. It comes in a little triangular plastic package with a goat on the front.

          1. re: zippo

            Having lived on Zone Bars a few years back, the expiration date means little. They last and last.

            Today (3/2) the San Pablo GO was selling 32 oz bottles of Organic Oceanspray Cranberry juice ... all juice ... a blend of organic grape, cranberry and apple. Can't find an expiration date but it tastes fine.